Lilly finds out summer is a double ancet! James and Alfie tell a troop about them. Ozzy and kingtin has a good talk


James and Alfie walk in to the team and they look at everyone James says to Alfie "wanna tell them " he says yes Alfie says "listen I amjames headcheogher but I am also his boyfriend" hpthey hold hands and everyone gose awww and piper says "kiss kiss" and everyone else says kiss kiss kiss and James and Alfie kiss and everyone says awww

In them song there james alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis Lilly jaqiue kington and Lola

Lilly us walk in to stido 1 and she over hear summer talking to elite saying she at elite and she says "summer at ellite I have to do something! " She gose looks for piper

Kington and Ozzy is sitting in snakes and ladders and Ozzy is sobbing and kingtin massage ozzt shokderss "u know u didn't know it's not your fault it's her bro" Ozzy is crying and says " I feel extremely guilty and I didn't mean to hurt you" kinKingsay "do u wanna go for a walk and he says suer

Lilly gose to piper "summer is still at elite" piper shooked "we have t do something fast ! Lilly says "yes but what! Piper says "I dont know we need to talk about this!

James and Alfie in studio a James says ". I really and glad everything is going well" Alfie's smiks "me to baby I wanna be with you forever "James kiss Alfie" we will baby wanna go to work together and he said ok let's get the dance in order

Heather piper and Lilly is sitting in a crcle and Heather say how about one of us join her and take her down and piper and Lilly agrees and Lilly said she will do it!


James and Alfie kissedA troop know about ja!es and AlfieSummer s a undercover agent