Therapy is the 22nd episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 176th episode in total. It aired on Augest 3rd.


Amy tells someone her biggest secret; Piper asks for relationship advice from her older brother, James, when she sees Richelle and Josh getting close and finds out the truth of where the relationship was headed.


Amy and Piper are stretching and then Piper looks on mad at Amy. Piper walks over and says to Amy look, she doesn’t want to have any problems between them and just because they may or might not be friends, even if it is complicated, she wants to know why Amy can’t tell her the troubling problem of what’s bothering her and then Amy tells Piper to just stop it, she isn’t going to tell her and then Piper says that she does not want Amy to be miserable forever, so she needs to tell someone. Piper then walks off and then in talking heads Amy says that she knows exactly the person to talk to. Amy then runs off and then heads into the lounge to think by herself.

Piper is in the rehearsal room, unknowing of Amy being in the lounge and then James walks in. Piper says in talking heads that she has enlisted the help of her brother James to help her get over Josh. James asks what’s up and then Piper says that she has a crush and she can’t keep it in her for much longer. James tells Piper to calm down and then Piper says that she can’t because she is scared she’s gonna lose the amazing friend and as well as how he’s been getting closer to someone else. James asks who this crush is and then Piper says Josh. James nods and then asks who the middle person is trying to get Josh. Piper says Richelle slowly, choking through tears and then they hug. James says that he has her back and says that if Piper needs advice, he knows exactly who to go to and then Piper asks how to tell when someone likes you. James says that he has to go and then walks off, leaving Piper helplessly indefensible.

Amy frowns as she faces her IPad screen, unsure if she should make the skype call. She sighs looking down and then clicks the button. She calls Sloane. Sloane asks what’s up and then Amy says that she has a crush. Sloane asks on who. Amy then asks for Sloane to promise to never reveal this to anyone. Sloane nods and then Amy reveals her crush is Piper. Sloane gasps. And asks if Piper is into girls. Amy says that she does not think so and the worst thing is, they have to perform a duet together. Although neither of them want to. Sloane says wow and in talking heads, says that this studio is officially a lost cause. Amy asks if Sloane and La-Troy could come to help their cause and then Sloane asks what their cause is. And then Amy reveals how regionals got cancelled for good and now Emily and Michelle have started this new troupe called Regionals WIldfire and they need like a thousand people to join. Sloane says that they have a 5 month break after their next performance which is tonight, and so right after that, they will come and bring in the other one hundred and fifty something people there, including Luther Brown. Amy admits that that would be sick and then hangs up, smiling and then nearly is crying after the call ends.

Jacquie is sitting in Neutral Grounds and then admits in talking heads that right now she is waiting to hear from someone who means so much to her. She smiles and then sees Henry walk through the door. Jacquie says Henry’s name and then they hug. Henry asks how the studio has been and then Jacquie admits that it has been hectic. Henry laughs and asks how so and then Jacquie explains about all the drama that has been going on. Henry then laughs and then lets out a smile cracking from his head. Noah walks in to see them having a great time and then Jacquie holds Henry’s hand and Jacquie says that she’s missed him. Henry chuckles and then says that he feels the same way.

Josh and Richelle are talking and then Josh asks if she would like to dance. Piper walks in but decides to stalk them from the shadows. Richelle says that she is injured. Josh says that he knows. He smiles and then turns on Living The Dream and then starts to lift Richelle up and then Richelle drops one of her crutches and then sighs, Josh says that he’ll get it and then picks the crutches up for her. Richelle thanks him and then they hug. Richelle says that she has to go. Josh nods and then Richelle walks off.

Piper sighs and then walks over and then says that they need to set some stuff straight. Josh nods, and then Piper asks if Josh loves Richelle. Josh says that it is only something that happens when you love with someone for a month or two when they are not even your own family. You start to think of them as family. Piper nods and then sighs and then Josh asks why it would matter, it is not like Piper has feelings for him. Piper says agreed and then chokes her words down and says that she has to go and runs off.

Noah is sitting by the place where you’d order at Neutral Grounds and Jacquie pops in and asks what’s up. Noah asks what’s up in a clearly bitter voice and says that she is dating Henry. Jacquie says that Henry is just a good old friend who she has not seen for a few months. Noah says to not lie to him, he’s been seeing the way that Jacquie makes eye contact and how she talks and behaves around Henry. Jacquie says that she has not seen him in about a month, so cut some slack. Noah says that he wants the truth, is she cheating on him with Henry. Jacquie says that she can’t believe him, this is rediculous, this is useless, you know what, if Noah is not gonna listen then she won’t deal with him. She says that she thought Noah would actually believe her and then says guess not and walks off. Watching an angry Noah look on through the distance.


  • Henry is coming back to The Next Step and onto Regionals Wildfire.
  • Noah and Jacquie don’t know where they stand
  • Amy has a crush on Piper
  • Sloane, La-Troy, Luther Brown and 157 other members of the tour, will be in Regionals Wildfire.