Unsafe Territory is the 19th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 173rd episode in total. It aired on July 24th, 2018.


The Next Step must rely on an old friend to help them get through the day as Emily heads to the regionals board.


Michelle smiles and then says that she needs to figure out how she feels about being a dancer in a few minutes, as she had no time to talk to Emily at the end of the day and then admits in talking heads that right now she is not actually too sure on where she stands, regarding the idea. She sighs in studio A and then glances around. Take It To The Top began to play she did a pretty killer hip hop dance and in talking heads, says that she’s come along way since she first started coming to The Next Step and then a flashback of her asking if the auditions are in here, and then she says that there’ve been problems. Then a flashback of Eldon breaking up with Emily. And then one of Hunter and Emily planning to get Michelle and Hunter back together and then a flashback of Hunter and Eldon’s dance battle and then of Michelle finding out about it, and after that, of Michelle saying that she’s leaving The Next Step and then she says in talking heads that maybe this is her time to leave the studio, she just doesn’t know what to do right now.

She then bursts into Emily’s office to find Emily not there but Eldon, and Thalia. Thalia suggests that they just give them the day off and then Michelle asks what’s going on. Eldon says that Emily left to go talk to the board of regionals because of how they saw some sort of video… her voice trailing off. Eldon then recalls the video that they shot earlier the day prior. Thalia then remembers as Eldon was talking about it. Michelle says in talking heads that the regionals board saw, this means that there is a high chance of regionals coming back.

Emily walks into the regionals board and then asks if she could talk to the person who mostly runs it and then she just walks over into the office and then says that he clearly misses regionals. The creator raises a brow and asks why. Emily says that for starters, if he ever wanted to completely stop, then there would not be a building hosting the people who make the competition come to life and they still wouldn’t be working. He sighs and says that this is just. Emily then says that her team needs to do whatever they can to make regionals happen and then the creator says that they should give up because it won’t happen. Emily scoffs and says that there has to be something. The creator bites his lip and says one thing and then Emily corners him to say what it is and then the creator says that he wants as many people as she can get to make this huge routine, and perform it to them. It needs to show their appreciation for regionals. If not enough people join it isn’t gonna happen. So they need about 1000 people. Emily sighs and then face palms, but agrees. And then walks off. Emily in talking heads says that this’ll no doubt be hard, but she will persevere and they will make regionals happen. Over her dead body, will regionals quit.

Piper and Noah are doing a duet to Addicted To You (the acoustic version) in studio A and Piper in talking heads says that they are only doing this dance for Piper to distract herself from her feelings for Josh and the drama with Amy. They do a duet and then pose. Noah in talking heads says that he can tell Piper is battling something right now and then Piper rushes for her water bottle after and then Noah asks what’s wrong. Piper asks how he knew. Noah says that her stiff dancing gave it away. Piper sighs, and then Noah says that her also her previous line of Piper asking how he knew gave it away and then laughs. Piper sighs and says that it’s Amy. She’s been very cold and distant and as much as she wants to know what’s going on, she can’t. She can’t talk to her about Amy’s problems. Noah says that sometimes, you need to corner your best friends in order to gain information. Try her hardest. Make sure that Piper gets Amy to spill. Piper says that she for some reason thinks it is about her. Is Amy trying to bully her behind her back? Amy walks in and then in talking heads says that it’s worse… Piper says that she has to go and walks out and then Piper says in talking heads that until Amy says what’s happening in her life, she doesn’t even want to talk to Amy.

Aria is in studio 1 and she turns on Showstoppa. Katy says in talking heads that she has not been used or featured or has not really shined at all. She just.. Has been there. She does not know what to do and she needs to work on her dancing so as of right now, she’s doing an Acro/hip hop routine to practice of those aforementioned styles. Jacquie walks in and notices the girl dance and says in talking heads that she has not seen Katy do any other style but something like lyrical or ballet so it is very nice to see this style of her dancing. She then does two flips and poses at the end. Jacquie claps and then Katy says that she was not meant to see that. Jacquie says that, the dancing was amazing. Katy says in talking heads that she was raised up to be a strict technical dancer, lyrical and ballet were truthfully her only options. Katy says that Jacquie would never understand, her dad, Lucian, was always so strict when it came to dance and then jacquie says that she is right, she knows that she wouldn’t, but she knows who would. Amy.

Noah walks off awkwardly and then Amy looks around. Amy turns on Elevator and begins to dance. Amy says that right now, Jacquie is all she has and she wishes that she could tell Piper what she’s going through, but Piper is the only one she is able to not tell because it involves her. She really wishes that she did not have to keep this from her but this is important. She then sighs and begins to cry her heart out, and it ends with her crying.