TNSD gets new members

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Alfie talks to Piper about the changes at TNSD

Alfie meets Piper at Java, "Piper we have a new dancer - Becca she was in J troupe she used to rehears in Studio B As Dance Captain I want you to teach her your solo" said Alfie.

"But I Thought this was just A Troupe?" asked Piper, "No it's everything" said Alfie, "Fine I will do it" said Piper The Dance Captain of TNSD.

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Becca is Now a Dancer on TNSD

Becca watches Piper's Solo in Studio B And she works out the moves, "Right Everyone Becca has a new solo that she has been working on for Regionals" said Alfie The studio head of TNSD, Piper watches as Becca steals her solo and dances her hardest.

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Piper is stunned as Becca Tricks her

Piper says in Talking heads 'I Cannot Believe what I am seeing and I cannot go to Alfie straight away about this I thought we are all friends on this team Becca used me I need to say something'

Piper confronts Becca when Alfie heads into his office, "How could you do this to me!" said Piper, "Let me get this straight Piper I am going to steal your dance then I am going to steal your spot then I am going to replace you as Dance Captain" said Becca.

Piper was stunned. Becca had tricked her.

Emily takes control of tnswest

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Emily now works in TNSWEST

Emily now works in TNSWEST In Studio A Until she learns how to get on with Michelle "I have to work in TNSWEST Until Michelle and I get on" said Emily as Riley - Co studio head of TNSWEST Arrives in the office of TNSWEST STUDIO A.


Becca had all those plans planned and she got them, Alfie was impressed with Becca and Becca became Dance Captain, "Right I want Piper out of this Troupe she bullied me" Lied Becca.

Becca season 3

Piper left the troupe, And Becca was now Dance Captain of TNSD So she comes to Studio A To give TNSWEST A Message Piper was now a new member of TNSWEST, "TNSWEST I give a message from Mr Alfie you better be prepared for a fight" said Becca as she storms off ,

All of TNSD Watches Becca's Dance, Becca impressed the whole troupe

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