Emily Riley season 2 episode 17 "What is this?! This is a mess!"

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The next step starts off at regional's, and will go through everything again, with heart breakers and drama makers

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Chapter 1: To Close To The Show

Giselle's POV

I run to the back, to grab the costumes on they're not there, I wonder where they could be? We need to win! Internationals is a big deal! Now, where are they?

"So, any luck?" Riley asks

"No" I say, looking around

"Ha, ha" Lucian says

"Wait, why are you here?" Riley asks

"Because. I stole the costumes, and we got an Elite internationals team, Max and Cierra are not on it though, ha!" Lucian says

"Oh No!" I say I run to Kate "Guess what!"

"What?" Kate asks

"Lucian has an Elite internationals team, they are competing against us in the finals as USA!" I say

Kate's POV

I now know to never trust Elite

"But, Max and Cierra are not on the team" Giselle says

"Good" I say

Chapter 2: Internationals finals

Riley's POV

We had this routine planned out encase our opponents were good, Michelle is getting into her new costume, and get on stage, Michelle is pretty scared, this is only our 2nd time dancing it, and she has to dance on top of a glass box,well she is in the glass box, but she gets out of the box


the dance went good, Elite goes up, dancing, they are like models, always good and get better and better

Kate's POV

I am just worried

Chapter 3: Internationals winners? (filler)

James' POV

Everyone walks up,this feel amazing, like something I would wanna do over and over again

Kate's POV

But the question is....

will we be the internationals winners?

James' POV

"and the winner is...... THE NEXT STEP!!!" Chuck the announcer says


Chapter 4: Internationals winners!

Cierra's POV

Skylar and I are just chatting, there is an open spot for the troupe, everyone has to audition fro the regional's team, I bet we might make it out alive, but right now, all I hope is to get in, but Elite is going back to their old studio, but they are letting everyone other then everyone not in B troupe that is Elite, and the A- troupe members HAVE to audition

"We kind of have to talk" Skylar says

"What about" I ask

"We are moving in 3 days" Skylar says

"WHAT, !" I scream

"Yea, I know" Skylar says

I run to Kate

"What is wrong?" Kate asks

"We won't be able to compete for a spot on the regional's team, because we are moving" I say

"Ok" Kate says

We walk out

Chapter 5: The Auditions

Kate's POV

It is after the auditions as I am trying to figure out who to put on the team I got\

James, Riley, Eldon, Michelle, Hunter, Max, Thalia, Amanda Cyan (girl) and Brian

"Can I audition" a girl who walks into the room says "I am Nicole, or well Nicollette, but just call me Nicole"

"Sure Nicole" I say

Nicole starts dancing, she is a great Ballet dancer, this year we need 10 dancer and 1 alternate

"You are on the team with...James, Riley, Eldon, Michelle, Hunter, Max, Thalia, Amanda Cyan and Brian" I say Everyone cheers, this will be a great year "Who wants to be dance captain?"

Nicole, Riley, Eldon and Michelle put their hands up

"I will" Eldon says

"Same" Michelle Nicole and Riley say

"Ok, Nicole and Riley dancing and Michelle + Eldon dancing" I say

everyone cheers

Michelle's POV

I know Nicole from somewhere, but where?


"Riley and Nicole are co- dance captains" Kate says

Chapter 6: A great start! Nope not really (filler)

Kate's POV

3 weeks in, The newbies left us...

I walk into the studio

"We need 3 dancers" I say

"Yea, I recruited 3, Chad, Noah, and Richelle" Riley says

"Good" I say

We teach them the routine, as the next thing we know, they get the hang of it

"That was a great dance rehearsal" Riley says

"Yes it was" I say

I look around, life is great

Chapter 7: Back on track

Kate's POV

I walk around, Chris came back, so yea that is new, as we are getting some new dancers, our new rule is that we only get new people when it is time for nationals

"So, a solo?" I ask

"How about a duet thing" Chris says

"Sure!" I agree

out duet pairs are

Noah Richelle

James Riley

Michelle Eldon

Chad Max

Hunter Thalia

Chapter 8: the duets

Kate's POV

Noah Richelle get up, we are planning on it being a competition, nah lets not but we will have the best 3 people....

James Riley amazing

Michelle Eldon amazing chemistry

Chad Max Ok, but hard to communicate with

Hunter Thalia good beu not so good

"and out top 3 are... James and Riley, Chad and Max, plus Michelle and Eldon," I say

Riley's POV

I look at the list

best was me and James'

2nd was Michelle and Eldon's

Chad and Max was number 3

"Hey, wanna go out again, I know we broke up but wanna get back together" I ask

yes me and James broke up during internationals,

"Sure, tonight?" James asks

"Sure" I say,

everyone walks out and I get ready for the date

Chapter 9: the date

James' POV

I walk into the studio as Riley looks nice, wearing a dress I am so excited

Beth walks in

“Hey, Charlie is my BF so double date“ Beth says

“Sure“ I say


that date was amazing, we are dating again

Chapter 10: Nochelle

Noah`s POV

I walk into the studio and see miss kate telling richelle some. I stand back and wait for them to finish talking.

once they are done talking miss kate walks up to me.

“We are re doing auditions for regionals“ Kate says with a sad depressed tone in her voice

“what Why.“ I say

"We just are I don't need to justify my reasons to you" she pratically yells at me

"ok" I answer

I continue to walk into studio a and see richelle. I couldn't help but smile. I don't say anything to her I'll talk to her after so I decide to leave and practise my auditio.

*later* (after the auditions)

“The top 10 are, Michelle, Eldon, Cyan, Max, Stephanie, Noah, Richelle, Beth James and Riley, alternate: Nicole“ Kate says

thank god I got in and so did Richelle which is a huge bonus. I decide today is the day I finally tell her how I feel about her.

"omg no we got in together" richelle says while jumping up and down

“hey Richelle I have something I need to tell you"

"ok what is it" she says clearly still beaming with energy.

"ireallylikeyou" I mumble really fast.

"What" she asks me cleary extremely confused.

"I said I really like you richelle and right now being here with you is brighting up my day and I get if you don't like me but I really like you and-"

she cuts me of with a kiss.

she moves her hands to around my neck and I move my hands to her waist.

the kiss was getting really intense but I needed air so I pull away.

"noah I like you too" she says smiling.

"thank god cuz I was really worried" I answered

"don't be"

"ok Richelle will you be my girlfriend" I ask/beg

"yes I will on one condition you have to walk me home" she replies

I nod and take her hand.

"race you" I say

we start running and for that momment in time everythings perfect.

Chapter 11: 1 day and we loosed someone

Michelle's POV

“Nicole, I wanna be your friend“ I say

“Well I don't“ Nicole says

“why“ I ask

“You did something wrong, you did not tell me you were moving, ok, I AM LEAVING THE STUDIO“ She screams and runs off

what did I do wrong? How, and why

Chapter 12: I need help

Michelle`s POV

I am sighing, wanting to go back, but no, there is no going back, I just really wanna go back to the time when I first stepped into my old studio Eldon walks in

“Hey, Eldon“ I say

“Yea“ Eldon says

“I want you to change me, I love you, so please date me“ I say

we come clse, not realizing it now, but now I love him, more then anything

Just waiting for him to say that one word

“Sure“ Eldon says and I scream inside

“See you, I gotta go to studio A.“ I say

I go out of studio B and walk to studio A, then 3 hours later, I see Emily and Eldon kiss

“How could you not tell me about this!“ I say

“Listen, she needed help too“ Eldon says

“Me or Emily, who?“ I say and then go


Chapter 13: Michelle, Or Emily and Regional s round 1

Eldon's POV

I walk onto the regionals stage and start dancing with everyone, this is a great day


“The winner of round 1 is The next step....“ The announcer says

`Who` Michelle asks

`You Michelle` I say

we kiss

Emilys POV

I need someone

Chapter 14: Hurt, betrayal and round 2

Kate's POV

I run over the the washroom, Emily is crying

“What`s wrong?“ I ask

“Eldon just broke up with me“ Emily says

“Listen, i know you love him, but think about the team, we need you, we need you on the team, now“ I say

Emily walks out and dances


“The next step moves onto the next round“ The announcer says, everyone claps, knowing we have worked so hard on this, it is truly amazing

I get a call, and it says that they wanna merge, it is with an american dance company, they saw us at internationals and wanna team up for nationals, I say yes, but how will I tell them the news, but what we are doing is we are only letting 1 newbie on the team, as many the next step people as we want, and also people who lost regional , that may be it, just for nationals also since they have never went to regional

Chapter 15:I love you and Time skip: semi finals and finals

Michelle`s POV

Everything is going great, I just found out that Hunter and Emily are dating, so that is amazing, I am glad, we walk on stage dancing


we walk on stage about to find out who makes it to the finals

“The next step moves onto the finals VS Elite...“ the announcer says


we walk into the stage about to find out who moves onto nationals

“the next step moves onto nationals“ The announcer says

everyone screams and jumps up and down, the audience claps as Riley, James, and Eldon high five them

I walk over to Eldon

“I love you“ I say

“Me too....“ Eldon says, we hug on stage, the crowed cheers loudly

“Awe bring it in...“ Riley says “i love you

“Same“ James says

“We got offered a contract, to dance with an american dance company, with only 1 newbie“ Kate says

everyone cheers

Authors note

Should I make the sequel? It will be called The next step: Break the floor I might make it later on today, if I do post it, then after I will make 1 last chapter called The End onto this book