I am right now in studio A, as Kate is walking back in to tell us A-troupe. I am hugging James. I don't know why since I hate him.

"Ok, A-troupe this year is, Stephanie, Beth, Riley, James, Eldon, Emily, Daniel, Chloe, Giselle-" Md Kate in interrupted by a girl walking in.

"The auditions are in here, right?" The girl asks.

"Who does she think she is?" Emily, my sister, and a very protective one, asks. I give my sister a mad look for saying that. Michelle should audition.

"Yeah, you may go up." Ms Kate says.


Why should they let this new girl walk in and audition, this is The Next Step, we only let people from last years A-troupe and B-troupe audition, not just any randoms.


"A-troupe now is, Chloe, Stephanie, Beth, Eldon, James, Riley, Emily, Daniel, West and Michelle." Ms Kate says.

This is not how I planned A-troupe to be.

(Next Chapter Teaser.): Michelle and Emily won't get along, and the dance captain battle starts, and a shocking discovery by Eldon leads to James realizing it himself.

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