How could Kate let this, happen? BETH on A-troupe? She messed up which we can't have, and like really? This year I wont even bother getting along with anyone this year;

"Ok, so lets start up with the auditions." Kate says, and I go up, but so does Michelle. "Ok,so lets get ready, I get studio A, Michelle, you get studio B." I say and Michelle nods. I walk off, and Miss Kate told us our groups. Mine is Beth, Chloe, Giselle and Daniel.

After a bit of practicing, we walk onto the stage, and right after that, Riley didn't do what I asked her to do, I think its because I asked her to mess up Michelle's routine.


I did not do it because, it's mean, hurtful, and wrong, you just don't do that! And then Kate walks back up. "Ok, the dance captian is.. MICHELLE."

Emily is gonna be super upset, she just ran off and Stephanie followed, We have to find a replacement, Emily was crying and Stephanie just followed Em.


I am right now in studio A. With James and Daniel. "Ok, James, we all know you have a crush on Riley." I say "No, I don't" He replies, but then his jaw drops.


Ok, I literally just realized, I might have feelings for Riley. But so what? She doesn't love me back so it wouldn't matter.

Authors note: Before I end this chapter off, I just want to say that I am so very sorry for not posting in like two weeks. There's been a lot of issues in my life, I didn't feel good to write. Well in a good mood.

(Next chapter teaser.): Emily and Stephanie leave, as Michelle grows feelings for Eldon, so she asks Eldon if she wants to do a duet with him, as Riley finds out Michelle loves Eldon. As a new dancer (A character from season 4) is dancing, and meets Richelle, as Richelle admits a very very big secret.

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