Emily Riley season 2 episode 17 "What is this?! This is a mess!"

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There are 40 episodes of fan fiction season and there will be a other season but not yet


The Next Step is back from regionals and they wonder if they want to be here anymore. Michelle becomes Dance Captain after Skylar quit. Alfie Has quit A-Troupe. The Next Step is going to Internationals.


Season 5.0

  1. What Do We Do Now?
  2. Summertime
  3. Let's Get To It
  4. Dance Now
  5. Where Are You?
  6. I Do What I Want
  7. Where You Began
  8. Addicted to You
  9. Fire
  10. Falling Behind
  11. Show Me What You Know
  12. Rhythm of Love
  13. Rewind
  14. Stop and Think
  15. Take to the Top
  16. When I Feel She Is A Queen
  17. We Go
  18. What I Want
  19. Be Free Tonight
  20. Heat the Moment

season 5.5

  1. Empire
  2. Never there
  3. She is you
  4. Better than today
  5. Damage
  6. do you want me
  7. Changes
  8. None stop
  9. Come into our world
  10. He is history
  11. I believe in you
  12. Never better
  13. At that that time
  14. Step back in time
  15. Don't you dare
  16. Let it show
  17. can't let go
  18. Straight Fire
  19. Can you let go
  20. Showstoppa



  1. Victoria Baldesarra As Michelle
  2. Cierra Healey as Cierra
  3. Abigail Bergman as Abi
  4. Briar Nolet As Richelle
  5. Myles Erlick As Noah
  6. Alexandra Chaves As Piper
  7. Shelby Bain as Amy
  8. Allie Goodbun As Cassie
  9. Isaiah Peck As Henry
  10. Julian Lombardi As Ozzy
  11. Noah Zulfikar As Kingston
  12. Dawson Handy As Josh



The next step is able to complete at Internationals. It is set in London, England. Ella is the co-host presenter with Stephanie.The letters says that all teams needs:

  1. A dance captain
  2. A Trio
  3. 2-7 person dance
  4. a duet
  5. A Five person dance
  6. A male soloist
  7. A female soloist
  8. A person that can speak an other language for internationals dance
  9. A Semi-finals/ finals dance
  10. Two alternates

the next steps dances

  1. Dance captain is Michelle
  2. The trio is Abi, Michelle and Cierra
  3. The duet is Piper and Ozzy
  4. The five person is Kingston, Richelle, Noah, Henry and Josh
  5. The male soloist is Noah
  6. The Female soloist is Michelle
  7. The 2-7 person dance is Piper, Richelle, Michelle, Noah, Kingston and Cierra
  8. The person that speaks an other language is Ozzy
  9. The Ten person dance is Ozzy, Piper, Henry, Noah, Kingston, Michelle, Abi, Cierra, Josh and Richelle
  10. The alernates are Cassie and Amy


Amy and Cassie are alernates

Michelle is dance captain

Emily is the new Studio head

Giselle is back and becomes Head choreographer

Ozzy and Kingston and Josh are new to the studio

Amanda has left the next step

James and Riley has left the studio to travel the world

Daniel and Kate is coming back to the studio

chapter 1 : What do we do now

A-Troupe Is dancing in Studio A. Richelle is happy to be on a-troupe. Cassie says that she is happy that she got to dance in finals. Noah is sad that amanda has gone on tour with Giselle. Michelle says 'that Riley has made me dance captain of A-Troupe' but all she can think about is how Stockholm Dansteater came in here and took Alife and they said see you at Internationals. Henry is worried about Amy and how LaTroy broke up with her for Sloane. Piper says 'I am happy that Jiley is back together.'

Intro: Michelle and Riley then Piper and Cassie then Amy and Noah then Sloane and LaTroy then Henry and Richelle the intro removed Skylar and James

In Java Junction Sloane is waiting for LaTroy then Amy walks in and all she can think about is LaTroy but Piper says to Sloane that she is not apart of The Zero Percent Club and she isn't welcome to turn up to the meetings and piper says let's go. In the rehearsal room Noah is dancing a solo and then Richelle walks in and says that they are going to Internationals. In studio a Riley is worring about the cost of the travel and how they are going to get there since it is in London, England and she has seen Ella since the fight at the last internationals then she get a test saying that they are not going to internationals and another team is going called ' Lets dance'. Michelle enters and asks about the auditions. Riley says let's get everyone together and ask them if they want to audition or not. They ask and everyone said they wanted to audition.

Riley starts to run the audition suddenly Abi and Cierra walk in and say they want to audition.Riley says ok welcome to the a-troupe auditions and there are 12 spots up for grabs.

Riley sees everyone and goes into her office and thinks whos on a-troupe and who's not she walks out and says it has been a hard decision and I have made decision and this are the people on A-Troupe is Michelle, Abi, Richelle, Amy, Cassie, Kingston, Ozzy, Cierra, Piper, Noah, Josh and Henry

Sloane and LaTroy are no longer part of A-Troupe.

The new a-troupe is waiting for Riley and then she arrives and speaking to Emily. Emily tells A-troupe that she is the studio owner of the next step. Riley says that she is going away for a little while and she will be back after Internationals. Emily makes a trio that has Michelle, Amy and Abi. Noah is given the mister internationals soloist and Michelle is given the female solo. Then Emily gives the duet to Ozzy and Piper. Emily gives Josh, Henry, Richelle, Kingston and Noah the job of put to together a five person dance if they don't they will replace by another group. And the last thing she says that Michelle is the dance captain.

chapter 2: summertime

The new a-troupe is dancing in Studio A. Ozzy is happy that he is on a-troupe. Piper is upset that Sloane isn't part of a-troupe. Michelle is happy that she is dance captain again and happy that Cierra is on the team. Cierra is happy to back on a-troupe.

Intro: Michelle and Cierra then Ozzy and Piper then Cassie and Amy then Kingston and Richelle then Abi and Noah then Josh and Henry.

In studio-a, Michelle, Amy and Abi are rehearsing their trio and then Noah walks in and asks Abi where she went and why she audition for A-Troupe. Skylar comes back to see Cierra but couldn't find her . Emily tells Amy that she no longer going to dance at internationals. Amy has become a alternate. Amy is upset that she will not be able to dance at Internationals. Piper and Ozzy are rehearsaling their duet in the rehearsal room then Emily walks in as says are you read to perform the duet. Piper says it needs a little work but I think it will be ok. Emily says ok in two hours time.

Richelle and Cierra are talking in Java Junction then Skylar comes in and asks Cierra is she can audition for B-Troupe. Cierra says to Skylar "I will have to talk to Emily". Then Emily walas in and asks Cierra to join the trio and she will be performing in the 2-3 person dance. Abi and Michelle is waiting in studio-a. Abi asks Michelle,"who do you think is going to dance with us in the trio now?", Michelle says that Cierra is joining them in the trio. Henry and Noah and Kingston and Josh are dancing and coming up with the choreography for the five person dance then Richelle walks in and Noah teaches her the choreography to the five person dance.

chapter 3: Let's get to it

Emily and Giselle are talking then Amy walks in and she says why I am a alernate

Chapter 4:Dance now coming soon on The 14th March