What You Came For is the 26th episode of Season 6 of The Next Step and is the 180th in total. It aired on Augest 17th. It is a part of a 2 part special entitled “The Lead Up” in Britain,and in Canada and everywhere else, the two parter is called “It All Comes Down To This”. part one aired on a separate day then Part 2. With the one-hour special premeiring together on the 24th of the same month. On September 7th, the DVD for this two-parter came out. With the pre-order being availible starting from the 24th of the month.


The deadline for the big group routine comes to a close; they preform and the fate of regionals is left to be determined. Amy and Piiper make up; Noah makes a shocking revelation. And if the plan backfires, they’d have no where to go. No one to turn to. This means all or nothing.


Emily and Michelle are in their office together. Emily is counting the names, 998, 999. 1000! Michelle smiles happily and says that now, they can begin with the routine. Emily then calls the owner of the regionals board and then the owner asks how Emily is doing and Emily says that she’s doing perfectly fine. Michelle smiles and then Emily says that they actually have 1000! The owner says cool and that he’ll be at the studio in 5 hours. Emily smiles and then says ok and then hangs up. Michelle asks if Emily’s dating him. Emily asks why and then Michelle says that the chemistry is transcendent. Emily scoffs and says that she wouldn’t date this guy, even over her dead body and then huffs off to face the 1000 dancers in a new room, way larger then studio 1 and studio A combined, with a wooden flooring like studio A, painted blue and a pink room. Emily says that she is glad they could all come today and says that today is the day they will finally dance. They will finally perform for the regionals board. Everyone claps and Noah says in talking heads that this means everything to him. He needs to not mess up and then Emily turns on Gonna Get It All everyone starts dancing their heart out. Sloane says in talking heads that she feels so excited to start rehearsing this and in talking heads, Henry says that he can’t wait. The regionals board won’t know what hit them.

In the lockers, Jacquie walks over and then says sorry to Noah. Noah says that he is ok. But shouldn't she be getting to Henry? Jacquie says that she feels guilty about their breakup and then shoving her new relationship in his face and then Noah sighs and says that he deserves it, he’s been a horrible person. Jacquie laughs and then smiles. Jacquie says that maybe that they could try to be friends. Jacquie laughs and says try. Henry then asks if he could speak to Jacquie. Jacquie nods and then Henry takes her out to the hallway. Henry asks what Jacquie thinks she’s doing. Jacquie says that she is just trying to befriend Noah again. Henry says that she got hurt by him way too many times. Jacquie does not need that bad energy. Jacquie nods and then agrees and then walks over to Noah. Noah ask if they could hang out but Jacquie says to save it and then walks off in anger. Noah says in talking heads that these games need to stop but atleast now he understands the pain Jacquie went through and it does not feel good. He needs to find some way, one way, whatever it may be, to make everything right again.

Five hours laters, They then all go up onto the main floor, the new studio, Studio 1000, and then the representative of the board walks in and takes a seat. Stand Up starts to play and they all begin to dance. The regionals board person looks impressed and then in talking heads, Piper says that she is so happy, that they finally are doing this, Amy in talking heads says that she feels amazing right now, and couldn’t ask for it any other way. Emily looks over impressed and then Michelle and Emily both decide to join in and have fun. The last verse of the song plays and the wow factor is turned up. Flips and tricks and everything being shown off, every race, every style of dance and it is truly a work of art. They all pose and then the person from the board says that they have made up their mind, and then says that Regionals is not going to happen. Everyone’s faces drop and Amy says that they’ve worked too hard to lose this. Piper asks if he has any clue what they have been through and then says no and then storms off. Piper in talking heads says that she came back to the studio, only for regionals to come back and with it not happening, she doesn’t know where she stands. She’s probably going to leave.

Piper then gets asked by a sad Amy on what’s next for the team. Piper admits that she does not know and then she storms off. Piper then gets to her home and then Deborah asks what’s wrong and then Piper says that she is going to her room and then storms up the stairs and slams the door. Leaving Deborah shocked. James says that he knows what’s going on goes upstairs and knocks on her door. Piper opens the door, crying and then the two hug. James promises her that everything will be ok. Piper continues to cry.

Noah is in studio A and then Oxygen plays and Noah begins to dance and then he says in talking heads that he honestly does not know where he stands with the team. And knows that they have the passion and burning fire inside of them to win, however right now he feels is not the time to do anything. Michelle then bursts in mid-way through the dance and head into the office to speak with Emily. Henry walks in and the music stops playing. Henry claps and then Noah says that he is really sorry for everything that’s been going on lately and then Henry says that it is not ok but hugs Noah anyway and then Noah says that he does not actually love Jacquie. Henry asks if he loves someone else. Noah says no but says that he’s been getting this weird feeling whenever he’s around a certain girl, but doesn’t consider it love. Henry asks who and then Noah says Piper and then Henry says that this means that Noah loves Piper and in talking heads, his jaw drops and says that he loves Piper.  He is unsure of what to do and in talking heads says that he is unsure of what to do now. Henry says that Noah will be ok. They hug and then Henry says that he has to go due to going on a date with Jacquie and then walks off. Noah is shocked when he feels no sadness when Henry mentions Jacquie’s name.

Michelle says that this is ridiculous. Emily agrees and then Michelle asks what they are going to do about this, because there is no way she is allowing them to not go to regionals. Emily says to Michelle that they need to just give up, it is over, done with, they made their decision and there’s no turning back so why does Michelle need to be so fixated on making regionals happen. Michelle says because if they don’t then The Next Step is going to change and she has Metathesiophobia. Emily nods and then Michelle looks down and says that he was diagnosed to have Metathesiophobia by a doctor. Emily is in shock and then hugs Michelle and says that things are going to be ok. Emily says that sometimes it is ok to just give up on stuff, like she thinks she will give on A-troupe. Michelle says that this can’t be the end, this is not the end it just can’t and it won’t. Michelle says that they need to fight back, retaliate something, they need to do something they can’t just give up on Regionals. Emily says that it is too late. And Michelle needs to let it go and then walks out to see an empty studio A.

Mountains plays through the speakers and then Emily does a contemporary and solo and then Emily in talking heads states that she has been doing a lot of thinking and says that she has no clue on if she want stay on A-Troupe as a studio head. And then Amy and Piper bring in the 1000 people again and then Piper tells Emily that they have a plan and then says that they are going to crash the office and make sure that they convince the creators of the board, to have regionals come back. Emily grins and then gets Michelle and then they all begin to stomp into the office. The owner asks what they want as he is signing a paper and then Emily says to bring regionals back and then Piper yells about how Regionals is her life and Amy says that her mom will kill her if they don’t bring regionals back and then they all start chanting “Regionals Wildfire” and then the owner sighs and says that this is the kind of hard work and dedication he like to see and then says that regionals, is happening now. And as a courtesy of getting them back, The Next Step can have 4 alternates instead of 2 and the rule about broadway dancers and professional paid dancers in general is exempt from them and announces that they don’t have to go to the qualifier. Skylar smiles but in talking heads announces that this means she has a choice to make: Gemini’s or The Next Step


  • Noah loves Piper.
  • Michelle has Metathesiophobia.
  • Regionals is happening.
  • Skylar must choose between the Gemini’s or The Next Step.
  • Due to The Next Step being the reason of Regionals happening again, they are allowed to have 4 alternates, and don’t need got come to the qualifiers and they are allowed to have any dancer they want..