Jacquie walks in and start dancing saying how everything is about to change. Noah left. Emily and Michelle left. Everything is about to change. Richelle is the owner of the coffee shop. She misaiee Richelle alot. Jacquie said her brithbr danced her before and he he didn't say much but all she knows is that he has anxiety of coming back. Jacquie missed her brother alot. James walked in hey you jacqJac right. Jacquie stands yes I am. James said he is the new studio head


Jaqiue says oh cool. James said miss Kate will get the co stuido head and it will be an former a trooper? Jaqiue said oh my brithbr was on a troop. I miss him. James said aww who is your brother?

Jaqiue said Alfie. James look shooked oh Alfie I know him. Jacquie said yes. He said he is a really nice guy he has an heart of gold but he did kiss my grilfrend and there was drama on a troop. Jacquie look shooked! WHAt!!! Alfie did that? He kissed your gr

ilfrend? James said yes but I forgive him.