Wrong Timing is the 8th episode of The Next Step season 6, and the 162nd episode in total. it aired on December 5th, 2017


Michelle makes a change devestates A-Troupe.


Josh says sure, and asks what’s going on. Amy says that they are building up an army of dancers who want to go back to regionals and crush Lucian’s team. Josh nods, and says in talking heads that he hates the way that Lucian has been running the team and wants to be on an amazing and encouraging team. He does not want to be on a team which has the advantage and the thing being rigged. If he’s going to win, it’s going to be on a team which is not rigged, which has no advantage and no matter what, is a genuinely good team. He says that he’s going to do this. Amy, Piper and Noah smile ecstatically. Noah says in talking heads that it feels great that there’s going to be another boy on the team and that there is four people on the team. Piper then pulls Amy aside and then says that Amy needs to invite her sister, Katy. Amy shakes her head, nervously. Piper asks why not, and then Amy reminds her that the two are not on good terms at the moment. Piper shakes her head no and says that she knows that Amy can do it.

A-troupe is stretching in studio A and then Josh and Piper hug. Piper thanks Josh and then Richelle looks over and in talking heads asks what’s going on. Richelle then walks over and asks what’s going on and then Josh does not want to tell Richelle what’s going on and then Josh begins to stutter and announces that her and Piper are dating. Piper’s eyes widen internally and then in talking heads, admits that this is not what she had in mind. Piper then hugs Josh awkwardly and then Richelle says good for them and then walks off, jealous. Piper looks oddly at Josh and in talking head asks if Richelle is.. jealous of her? Does she love Josh?

Lucian then walks in and then turns on Coming Home and then they begin to dance their heart out, feeling happy and then they try to do their best. They keep practicing three times and then Lucian keeps correcting them. Piper says in talking heads, that she feels bad for Lucian right now, because three members of her team, are plotting against him, but this is what he deserves. They then pose and then Lucian compliments them and then Michelle walks in after they have all packed up and then Lucian hugs Michelle and then Lucian asks how she is, and then Michelle says that she is fine, thank you and then Lucian asks what she wants. Michelle says that she was wondering if there was an open position for A-Troupe. Piper looks on through the window. Lucian nods and then Michelle ends up auditioning to Don’t Stay Low and in talking heads, Piper is crying, saying that the song is Don’t Stay Low, but Michelle is being super Low right now. Lucian says that he’ll check up on her when they’ve made their decision. Michelle nods and thanks her and then walks off.

Michelle walks into the hallway and then Piper begins to talk to Michelle, asking what that was. Michelle tries to assure Piper that it was nothing but Piper does not buy it and says that it was something. Michelle tries to deny it again. Piper shakes her head. Piper then says it was something. Michelle asks for Piper to stop being on her case. Piper then yells out about how Michelle auditioned for the team, when Piper is the one who brought the problems to Michelle in the first place, Piper lows her voice and says that Michelle started the team because she thought that Lucian was being unfair, and then asks viciously through her rough, almost choking voice, if Michelle is debunking her own claims and then asks which side she’s on and then Michelle in talking heads, says that she has no clue which side she’s on.

In studio A, the other team is getting to work and then Michelle says that she has an announcement. The team looks up, all happy but Piper and Emily, Emily, rather than giving a happy or mad face, like the rest, gave a confused yet somewhat amused facial expression. Michelle says that she’s decided to step down as a co-head, due to joining Lucian’s team. Piper then says that this is ridiculous. Michelle started this team, she said it felt weird not being a co-head and now she’s going back to being a dancer on a team? What is this? Michelle started the team over Lucian’s wrongdoing and now she’s leaving? She is in such shock, and then says that she can’t even look at Michelle right now, Michelle starts to cry and walks off. Emily sighs and looks down, in talking heads, saying that all she wanted was to be a co-head, she’d never expect to be taking on the challenge of her own. She never thought she’d do it alone. But now she is. This came as a shock, because they have a lot to do right now. She is unsure of if things will be the same. The team is just left staring on into nothingness.


  • Michelle has stepped down from her position as leader Of Regionals Wildfire, in favor of being on Lucian’s new team.
  • Piper and Michelle are not on good terms.
  • Emily is now the official studio head.
  • Lucian’s team thinks Piper and Josh are dating.
  • Richelle might like Josh.