''You're Banned'' is the twenty-first episode of Season 7 of The Next Step: A New Beginning, as well as being the first episode of the second half of the season. It will air on Family Channel for Canadian viewers in early September 2019, and will air for Spain watchers, in December 2019.


Two dancers have a huge falling out, and the answer to what has happened is concluded.


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  • This episode, along with all the episodes for the first and second part of Season 7, where tweeted by Family Channel and the show's actors, to give viewers a quick glimpse of what was too come.
  • On October 19, 2018, Brittany Raymond tweeted she will return in this episode, reprising Riley.
  • Trrevor Tordjman, who played James, was supposed to be in this episode as well, but will in stead appear in the Season 7 finale. He will get a mention, as tweeted by Frank Van Keeken, the shows creator.
  • In Australia, this episode is currently delayed until further notice, due to season 7 planned to be shown early in the country, around December 2018, as tweeted by ABC ME, but got cut off, because of unknown reasons.
  • It will wrap up a cliff-hanger from the previous episode.
  • This episode will take place in November.