Season 8, Episode 3: solo


Thalia breaks up with Eldon: but at what price? Riley pushes Michelle to a limit she can't take.


Riley and Michelle are in Studio A. Riley tells Michelle she saw the choreography. It bored her to tears. Michelle tells Riley that that choreography was what she choreographed. Riley feels exposed insulting her own choreography. She corrected herself saying it made her so happy to tears. Michelle rolls her eyes and departs.

In Party Fowl, Richelle is eating a pumpkin. Noah comes up to her. He asks what she would do if someone kept avoiding her. Richelle says she would scare them to death, if not just blackmail. Noah leaves saying Richelle gives bad, if not awful advice.

Thalia is waiting for Eldon in the Frae Park. She is ready to break up with him but doesn't know if he is. Eldon comes and asks what she wants and Thalia says she wants to break up. Eldon is heartbroken because he really thought that he could've had a better relationship than with Emily and Michelle but Thalia was his only other shot. He leaves in heartbreak. The song 'Heartbreak' starts to play showing their relationship.

Michelle is practising her solo as studio head and Riley comes in and asks what that is. Michelle replies her solo for Internationals. She does great but all Riley does is yawn. She says it's terrible. Michelle is fed up with Riley's chritism. Emily and Michelle quit The Next Step, Riley with no time to fire them. Riley gets fired herself by Miss Kate and leaves. But how is TNS going to compete with no studio head?