Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!


With Richelle back, A-troupe hope she can help them bring down Miss Angela. Though this proves tricky and A-Troupe may have to bring an innocent down.


Piper and Ozzy are enetering Studio one, before noticing Giselle and Thalia sitting in Emily’s old office. Ozzy asks them why they are here, and Giselle answers saying that they are creating a new troupe called Stardust Dance Academy. Though they are looking for 2 more members. Ozzy and Piper ask if they could audition. Thalia and Giselle say yes.

Opening sequence ( Noah Then Jacquie then Amy then Henry and Richelle then Lola and Ozzy then Kingston then Davis then Winnie then Lily then Piper)

Giselle and Thalia announce Ozzy and Piper as the two new members of Stardust and the dancers especially Ty welcome them in. Giselle and Thalia announce they have been given a special chance to upload a Regionals qualifier video and that they have till next week to get it done.

A-Troupe are warming up, though they notice Kate, Winnie, Miss Angela and Lily talking in the Office they all become suspicious that Winnie has told on them. Miss Kate walks out and says that she is disgusted that the dancers would do something like this, and that the dancers will be banned for a week except Winnie and Lily. Miss Kate walks out with Lily and Angela closely behind. A-Troupe walk away.

Lola and Richelle are talking in Shakes and Ladders, she says that although they are banned it is so good to have her friend back. A-Troupe join them and start talking about how unfair it is that they are banned. They talk about how that Miss Kate is foolish is believing Angela is a good fit for Studio Head, and they all hesitantly agree she will also need to go.

Piper, Ozzy, Ty and Adrian are all sitting in Shakes and Ladders until Noah comes over and ask what Piper and Ozzy are doing since they should be in B-troupe rehearsals, Piper and Ozzy explain they have left the Next Step to join Stardust. Noah pulls them over and says If there takeover is successful there will be two open spots on A-Troupe before walking away and admitting they may need to find new members other that these two.

Riley and Amanda are at the local University studying they are both reflecting on there dance years, Riley continuously apologies for taking her off the dance but Amamada says she doesn’t mind. Riley and Amanda both get a call from Noah and Richelle respectively. Noah and Richelle asked them if they would be interested in becoming Co-studio owners. They asked what is happening to Kate but both Noah and Richelle don’t answer, and Riley and Amanda both rush to say yes. Noah says a new era is about to begin.


  • Piper and Ozzy have both left The Next Step and have both moved to Stardust Dnace Academy
  • Giselle and Thalia are co-owners of Stardust Dance Acamdemy
  • Riley and Amanda are both at Uni
  • Riley and Amanda may both become Co-studio heads of The Next Step


  • Riley mentions Kicking Amanda off the Regionals dance
  • If Riley becomes Studio owner this would have been her second time in a place of power at The Next Step




New Recurring

  • Nathaniel Belnavis-Wright as Adrian