The group stage for regionals gets under way.


Amanda sees Giselle and Thalia and goes up to them and wishes them the best luck. Amanda than sees that The Next Step is in a completely different group to Stardust, elite and Encore.

Opening Sequence

The first round of trios is underway, Dance inc. perform there trio, Amanda states that they will be stiff competition. Elite perform a flawless routine with Jacquie, Davis and an unknown Elite Dancer. They are dancing to when the war is over. Jacquie states it is hard competiting against TNS but nothing will stop her winning. Stardust then perform their trio to showstopper, Giselle and Thalia say this is exactly the type of acro routine we wanted to do. Richelle, Noah and Summer are waiting in the wings. Richelle states that this is it. They walk out and perform their trio to the clock is ticking. Amanda states that she went with the most technically strong dancers and that it is showing in the Routine.

The quintet round begins and Elite, Stardust and Encore perform nearly flawless routines. Noah, Summer, Henry, Kingston and Kenzie are all nervous before going on. Abi goes up to Noah and wishes him the best of luck. As they dance Noah and Henry state the performance is going great, but doesn’t match up to the others. Kenzie states she is having a bit of trouble getting down these technical moves but she won’t let the team down. Once their performance ends Amanda states they need to really improve for their 10 person dance.

Piper, Lola and Richelle are getting their make-up on Richelle states that she has been at TNS for so long and she doesn’t know if she take another loss, Piper says if they lose regionals she will leave. Lola agrees.

The Next Step perform their 10 person dance to shadows, Amanda says this is the best they have performed.

The judges have already stated that Encore, Stardust, Elite, Dance inc and other studios have already made it through. TNS stand nervously in the wings awauting the result, in group H with 198 points finishing first is Acro Nation and in second with 185 points is The Next Step. They are over joyed but Noah states they got the lowest 2nd place score.

Noah and Richelle are about to perform, Noah asks Richelle if she is returning Next year, she says she is unsure and Noah states he is also thinking of leaving.


  • TNS,Encore, Stardust, Elite and Dance inc. have all progressed the the Next Round.
  • TNS score of 185 was the lowest of the progressed teams
  • Richelle and Noah might be leaving TNS