Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!

This is the last of 2 pilot episodes


The dancers are left in shock at the changes, Jacquie’s family dilemma’s threaten to push her to breaking point and Miss Angela develop’s a plan.


The old a-troupers and new ones are left standing awkwardly, [Jacquie] then runs over to a sister Davis and ask her why she’s here. Davis says that Miss Angela invited her. Noah pulled Jacquie away. Miss Angela walked back out and announces the dances need to work on duets for upcoming competition.

Opening sequence ( Noah Then Jackie then Amy then Henry and Richelle then Lola and Ozzy then Kingston then Davis then Winnie then Lily then Piper)

Piper an Ozzy are sitting in shakes and ladders talking to Michelle and Emily about Miss Angela. Emily and Michelle know it is unfair that they got kicked off and there was nothing they can do now. Emily and Michelle say that they’re the new owners of Shakes and Ladders go they are so bored because they are no longer studio heads.

The dances are back in studio one practising their duets. Finn and Kenzie are talking about how it is so good they now have the Next Step . Though they overhear the other dances talking about how it is so unfair Piper and Ozzy got kicked off. Winnie and Lily have paired up for the Duet. Angela is that time is up. Noah and Jacquie go first Miss Angela says that their dance doesn’t have enough emotion though the rest of the dances disagree. Finn and Kenzie go next, Miss Angela is impressed but it is no where near the level she wants them to be at. Lastly Winnie and Lily perform Miss Angela says this is what a real dancers looks like. Miss Angela heads back into her office to deliberate

Noah has organised a special meeting for all the a-troupers to meet except Lily. He hopes they are all on the same page about Miss Angela. The old A-troupers all believe Miss Angela should go, before getting Finn, Kenzieand Davis’ to agree. [[Winnie] is hesitant saying that Lily has been good to her, she runs out bumping into Richelle as she walks in all the dancers are surprised to see her, but Noah knows that this is a good thing...