Riley and Amanda made a big decision. The Next Step scrambles to replace a dancer.


Riley is adressing a-troupe telling them about Jacquie leaving and joining Elite. Amanda says that for regionals they need at least one alternate. Noah says that they should bring Abi back to The Next Step, Richelle says that it would be a good choice.

Opening Sequence

Abi is announced as the new member of a-troupe,

Noah meets with Jacquie, Jacquie says that she can’t see him right now. Noah tells her that he wants to break up. Jacquie is shocked but she understands and they walk away from each other.

Abi, Piper, Richelle and Lola are sitting in Shakes and Ladders talking about everything on a-troupe and saying how Riley and Amanda aren’t doing enough to keep the team together. Summer walks to them and tells them they are being unfair and that this is unfair. Abi, Lola and Piper agree but Richelle is hesitant.

Riley and Amanda announce that there will be auditions for Dance captain. Lola, Richelle and Noah put they selves up for dance captain. Each will prepare a trio. Noah: Abi, Summer and Kingston. Richelle: Ozzy, Henry and Amy. Lola: Kenzie, Finn and Piper. Riley and Amanda walk into their office where James is sitting there. Amanda asks him why he is here, he tells her that Miss Kate is suing TNS. Riley and Amanda are shocked, they realise that If Miss Kate sues them the Next Step will not reach the finacial requirements to go to regionals. Riley and Amanda say that hey must sell The Next Step to Miss Kate.

After all the trios have performed, Riley decides to give Richelle the dance captaincy though she knows that a lot of things will be changing and many dancers will be disappointed.

Riley and Amanda can be seen shaking hands with Miss Kate, Riley confesses Miss Kate will have a grudge against the dancers...





  • Richelle is the new dance captai;
  • Miss Kate has rebought The Next Step
  • It is unsure whether Riley and Amanda will still be apart of TNS
  • Jacquie and Noah have broken up
  • This is the Mid-season finale.