Richelle gives a-troupe a much needed boost, 3 of the TNS competitors prepare for regionals


Richelle walks into Studio A and starts to dance to Empire, saying that there is a week to regionals and she has to learn all of her routines, one by one a-troupe walk into the studio they are all happy to have Richelle back. Amanda walks in and announces that the competition will be the best that the TNS has come up against because they will competiting in the senior advanced division because Noah is 18 and their is no way we can replace him

Opening Sequence

Giselle and Thalia are in their office, both knowing that without alternates nothing can go wrong. Giselle says that they need to do something to improve the team. Ty and Simone walk in and say that they want to do a duet instead of Adrian and Mandy, Giselle says that the duet has been a disaster and agree to it. Emily and Michelle are in their office and are confident that their team will crush their opposing competition saying that technique is the most important thing. Miss Angela is in her office knowing that her routines are beyond anything the other teams can come up with.

Richelle, Noah and Summer are practising their trio and are paranoid that their routine isn’t good enough. Noah states that one slip up will cost them. Richelle says that they need to do more acro, Summer says they need a story but Noah thinks they need something that’ll blow the judges a way. Noah grabs some ropes and says that they could swing from each corner and the story of the dance can be two Friends who can’t connect with each other and I’m the one connecting them.

Amanda announces to a-troupe that this is it. They all get in a huddle and shout regionals and the bus leaves the studio.





  • Richelle has returned