Noah and Jacquie relationship is tested when Summer intervenes. Giselle and Thalia are shocked by a departure.


Davis is announced as the new member of Elite. Emily says that this should divide TNS and new dancers will be coming.

Giselle and Thalia are sitting in the studio one office, when Ozzy runs in and tells them Piper has rejoined The Next Step. Giselle and Thalia look at each other worried and tell Ozzy to leave. Giselle says that they need to look for a replacement quickly.

Opening Sequence

Giselle and Thalia are auditioning 12 new dancers among them former b-troupe dance Heathcliff who hopes he gets in. Giselle and Thalia are both underwhelmed by the dancers so. Heathcliff steps up as the final dancer and Giselle instantly accepts him into the team.

Summer and Noah are laughing in Shakes and Ladders, Jacquie notices them and storms over, she grabs Noah and asks what is he doing. He says he is talking with Summer, she was telling me a funny story. Jacquie storms out on the verge of tears. Richelle runs up to her in the hallway and tells her it was a pity she didn’t make the trio or the quintet for regionals, this makes Jacquie more upset and she says crying that she knows what she must do.

Riley is sitting in her office and sees Jacquie walking in crying, she Asks what is wrong, Jacquie explains and says she must join her sister at Elite.

Emily and Michelle are sitting in their office at a Elite, Jacquie walks in and asks if she could audition, they both say their is no need and that she is on the team.





  • Heathcliff has replaced Piper on the Stardust team
  • Jacquie has joined Elite
  • Davis Jacquie’s sister is also at Elite