Miss Kate reveals her agenda, Riley and Amanda are unsure of their place at the studio and Miss Angela comes back to haunt TNS


Miss Kate and Riley are shaking hands with Amanda. Miss Kate announces that TNS will return to its former glory and the path to international redemption will be the toughest the dancers have experienced. Miss Kate then tells Riley and Amanda to leave and their position will be reacessed.

Opening Sequence

Miss Kate walks in and instantly tells the dancers that Noah will be dance captain and Abi will be the alternate. A-troupe are left shocked, Noah can’t believe that he is the dance captain. Miss Kate announces that all original dances will be kept the same. The next information for regionals has been passed on to Miss Kate and it says that if you pass the Group Stages you will move onto a sudden death elimination, each round will be a different style up until the final 2 which will be a 10 person dance. Miss Kate assigns Noah and Richelle the ballet duet, Abi, Noah, Piper and Kingston the Contemporary routine and Henry, Ozzy, Amy, Lola and Richelle will do the ballet, hip-hop fusion.

All of a-troupe are sitting in Shakes and Ladders wondering if Riley and Amanda will return at that moment Encore dance studio walk into Shakes and Ladders lead by Miss Angela she announces that Encore will be taking Dance inc. spot at regionals and they plan to win. Miss Angela also states that they will be crushed.

A-troupe are called to studio a. Miss Kate announces that Amanda will be returning as studio head but Riley will not be, she states that Riley has proven she can’t lead a team to victory. Amanda then announces that each group need to work on their dancers and they cannot afford any more hurdles.

Amanda is sitting in her office when Miss Kate walks in stating that if TNS don’t win, she will shut down the studio. Amanda is dertermined not to let TNS die.





  • Riley has been fired as Studio Head though Amanda has been reinstated
  • Abi is the alternate at regionals
  • Noah is the new dance captain
  • TNS will shut down if they don’t win regionals