A-troupe put their plan into action, Miss Kate makes a huge decision and Stardust Dance Academy prepare for a fight and familiar faces prepare for revenge


Miss Kate is sitting in her office looking on as the dancers warm up, she thinks about everything the studio has been through and the struggles. She then gets a call from an unknown number she stands up and talks. It is Emily and Michelle announcing that the return of Elite has begun and that they should prepare for the fight of their lives and regionals. Kate sits back down she can’t believe Emily and Michelle would become studio heads of The Next Steps rival studio. She decides that she must permanently sign Miss Angela on.

Opening Sequence

A-troupe are sitting in Shakes and Ladders this is the last day of their ban and the day where they will bring down the Next Step. Noah is talking with a mysterious man, Jacque says in Talking heads that the plan is kind of low but it is their best chance. Noah signs the paper work stating it should be signed by the Studio Head. The man then puts a sign up on the Next Step banner saying For Sale.

Winnie, Lily, Miss Angela and Miss Kate are all sitting in the newly made conferance room, Kate says that new rules implemented by the regional boards say that the winners of the Regionals will be awarded a large amount of money, though if a team wins for 3 years straight they instantly become that regions soul dance studio automatically qualifying them for nationals for at least until a team of the same financial stability beats them. Miss Angela says that she will be able to do it in one condition that If after 6 years there is no competition. She buys the TNS. Miss Kate is hesitant but signs the paper work, which Noah in Talking heads announces is fake.

Riley and Amanda are sitting with the real estate agents going over the final takeover documents, Just before they are about to sign the papers they hear are scream from the hallway, they all run in to see Miss Kate in fury and anger shout at everyone for going behind her backs and she anounces that TNS is no longer for sale, but the real estate agent announces that the paper work has already been signed.

All of a-troupe clap loundly, Piper says that this is a new start for the Next Step. Riley and Amanda first announce the asking of Miss Angela and the demotion of Winnie and the eviction of Lily from the studio.

Gisela and Tahlia are talking saying that since Gemini were evicted and because of the new finacial rule stating that a studio at regionals needs to own at least 500 dollars Encore are no longer going to regionals two new open slots at regionals opened up, the first when to Elite and the second will be decided at an upcoming competition. Giselle says that to win we need to buckle down and find 3 new dancers, at that moment Tahlia can been seen telling 3 Stardust dancers that they are being demoted.





  • Emily and Michelle are the Studio Heads of Elite.
  • Riley and Amanda have taken over TNS
  • Miss Angela is no longer the studio head
  • Lily and Winnie are no longer a part of A-Troupe
  • The Gemini have shut down
  • Encore have gone into A Finacial crisis.