Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!

This is the first of two pilot episodes


The new studio head is announced. A-Troupe are in shock, 5 new dancers are welcomed to A-Troupe but what does that mean for the rest.


A-troupe are in studio one dancing to work. Noah (in talking heads) announces that Josh has left The Next Step and moved to LOD which is closer to his brothers hockey. Pipersays that she is relieved that Josh has left because she was left embarrassed after he rejected her. Lola says that Richelle is still in hospital and that Richelle and her are on good terms. Heather says that Zara hasn’t been at rehearsals since they announced they were going to regionals. As the dancers meet for the final pose Henry announces that Michelle and Emily have been fired.

Opening sequence: Noah, Jacquie, Henry, Amy,Richelle, Lola, Piper, Ozzy, Kingston and Heather.

As the dancers stop, Miss Kate walks is with a woman, Heather instantly recognised her as the fixer and goes over to introduce her self but as she runs forward, The woman waves her hand in the stop position and Heather instantly runs back to her position. Miss Kate announces the woman as Miss Angela, and the new studio head before walking out and leaving the dancers with Miss Angela. Miss Angela tells the dancers to get in line, once they are in a line she squints her eyes at each person before meeting at Heather’s, she says she saw the qualifier video and she has already kicked off one dancer, the dancers all know that this is Zara, Miss Angela than states that Heather will no longer be on A-Troupe. Noah and Piper protest but Angela gives that an assuring stare, Heather runs out devastated.

Miss Angela, walks out with Davis, Kenzie, Winnie, Lily and Finn behind her. She announces that these are the 5 new a troupe dancers, Noah states that with the new dancers there is 14 dancers on A-Troupe. Miss Angela says that each old A-Troupe member will need to re audition for A-troupe and she will decide 2 dancers to kick off.

The Solos are finished and Miss Angela has decided that Piper and Ozzy will be kicked from A-Troupe before leaving the dancers to return to her office.






  • LOD has been mentioned for the first time since Rewind