The Next Step hold auditions for Regionals. TNS arising competitors face off in a Trio competition to decide the final place at regionals.


Riley and Amanda walk in announcing Summer will be the 9th member of a-troupe. After the applause Riley announces the new regionals set up, this year there are 32 teams at regionals and each teams will be placed into a group of 4, each team will compete in 3 seperate rounds: Trio, Quintet and 10 person dance. The judges will give each team a score for each dance the top team with the most points from each group will progress. Riley then announces that we will know more details soon.

Opening Sequence

The dancers talk amongst each other, excidetly about the regionals set out, Riley walks out and announces her and Amanda have come up with the different dances for each routine, for the trio it will be Summer, Noah and Richelle and the Quintet will be Summer, Noah, Henry, Kenzie and Kingston. Amy asks about the other 3 dancers needed to make up the team. Amanda walks in announcing that since the Gemini were evicted Skylar has joined A-troupe as an alternate, though they are still trying to find 2 new members. Riley also announces that the trio will be going to a competition this weekend, which will decide the wildcard for regionals.

Amanda, Noah, Summer and Richelle all arrive at the trio competition, Richelle looks over and Chuck Anderson is talking with Giselle. First up is Elite, Michelle is watching on as her team perform, Noah is shocked at how good they are and Summer says that they are going to be hard to beat. Next Stardust perform and as Piper, Ty and Simone perform, Richelle says she can’t believe that Piper is on a different team. The Next Step perform, though Richelle stumbles and her hip starts to hurt she states that this isn’t good. Stardust and Elite won the wildcards to regionals.

Richelle is bought back to the studio where she is lying down, Riley and Amanda are discussing what to do, Riley says that Richelle can stay on the team but won’t practise and we will have to take her out of the trio and replace her with Jacquie.

Stardust are celebrating in studio one but Piper can’t help but worry about Richelle, she asks how ozzy feels but he said he didn’t care. Piper walks into studio a and sees Riley and Amanda and asks if she can join a troupe. Riley says that they would be happy to have you.

Amy and Henry are talking in Shakes and Ladders about everything that is happening, Amy says to Henry that she is really happy to have him on the team and hopes that they will spend many more years together.

Davis is alone in Studio one, saying that she feels that she is left out and stares down at the ground. Davis is seen walking through the elite doors to audition.





  • Stardust and Elite have both been given the final two wildcard spots at regionals
  • Regionals will consist of 32 teams
  • Summer and Piper have joined The Next Step
  • Richelle’s snapping hip syndrome is back