TNS South chooses a trio, quartet and quintet. TNS East choose a duet, quartet and a quintet. Noah and Paige’s duet rehearsal it really bad so Giselle rethinks the duet descion.


Paige and Noah are rehearsing their duet in Studio 1 and surprise, surprise it’s extremely akwkard since they broke up all the chemistry has flew out the door and Paige says she just doesn’t want to do this. She walks out and Giselle goes to talk to Noah and asks him what is wrong with the duet and he says the connection is just a bit off and they will come and work on it later. Giselle says they better because a lot is riding on this duet. Noah tells Giselle that she should just replace them and Giselle says she will talk to Paige

Theme song- Paige and Flo, Liam and Noah, Piper and Amy, Richelle and Michelle. Evelyn and Jacquie, Kingston and Dylan, Zara and Lola. The end pose is normal.

Giselle brings TNS South together and tells them that she will be auditioning trios, quartets and quintets and she will be doing them in that order. Thalia tells TNS East that she will be auditioning duets, quartets and quintets and that she has not yet found enough dancers yet and she still has one more to get but she is looking by the minute.

Giselle says that she is picking the trios as she knows her dancers best so for the trio auditions their are Richelle, Noah and Evelyn as they are all contempary dancers. Liam, Flo and Michelle.Noah says he is glad that he is not doing a trio with Liam as he probably has feelings for Paige but he is going to do it for the good of the team. For quartet auditions Giselle says Flo, Michelle, Paige and Liam are up against Noah, Richelle, Evelyn and Logan. For quintet auditions she is picking five dancers and they will dance it. Thalia says that they can choose their duets it is Kingston and Amy, Piper and Dylan, Zara and Lola. For quartets their are Jacquie, Amy, Olivia and Kingston and Dylan, Zara, Lola and Piper. For quartets she is picking the dancers. Giselle and Thalia both say good luck.

All the dancers prepare and the auditions begin. TNS East auditions duets first, then quartet. Thalia says that she has a tricky descion. TNS South has quartets then trios. Giselle says that she will discuss it with Chyna. They both come out their offices and Giselle reveals the trio is Richelle, Evelyn and Liam. The quartet is Michelle, Paige and Flo, Liam aks what about him and she says she will be replacing him with Noah as he is featured in a lot of dances. Thalia picks Amy and Kingston for the duet and for the quartet it is Dylan, Zara, Lola and Piper. Giselle says for the quartet she has picked Paige, Richelle, Evelyn, Flo and Michelle. Thalia picks Piper, Amy, Jacquie, Lola and Zara. All the boys on both team question the desicion and ask why only girls where chosen and they say it is all a secret but not to worry.

Giselle approaches Paige and asks about her and Noah and she says they broke up and Giselle asks her about the duet and she says to give it to someone else and she says that Liam and Richelle deserve the duet as they have good chemistry and Giselle says she does not want to give it to Liam as he is featured in a lot of dances and she tells her to give it to Noah as he deserves it as it was her fault they broke up. Giselle says she will think about it. Giselle announces to the troupe that the duet will be going to Noah and Flo as they have good chemistry, Paige reveals that Flo obviously has a crush on Noah and she fears he feels the same as she still likes him and wants to be with him. She says she doesn’t know what to do.