Michelle and Emily make a huge announcement and a dance competition is revealed.


Michelle and Emily gather A-Troupe and Acro Nation in Studio 1 and tells everyone that Miss Kate has decided to submit A-Troupe and Acro Nation into Regionals as it is now allowed. So she has chosen to balance out the teams. In A-Troupe their is Noah, Paige, Amy, Piper, Winnie, Lily, Jacquie, Finn, Heather and Heathcliff. In Acro Nation their is Richelle, Henry, Davis, Kingston, Ozzy, Summer, Kenzie, Flo, Sophie and a new member of Acro Nation Zara from B-Troupe. They say Miss Kate chose the teams. Acro Nation will rehearse in Studio A and A-Troupe will rehearse in Studio 1.

Theme song says A-Troupe, Michelle and Emily, Noah and Paige, Lily and Piper, Amy and Jacquie, Winnie and Finn. Then it says Acro Nation, Thalia and Eldon, Richelle and Ozzy, Kingston and Davis, Henry and Kenzie, Summer and Zara. The end pose is Richelle, Davis, Jacquie, Kingston, Ozzy, Kenzie, Summer, Zara, Thalia, Eldon, Emily, Michelle, Paige, Noah, Finn, Amy, Henry, Piper, Winnie and Lily.

Paige and Piper are in Studio 1 and say that it is good to be back on the same team again. Richelle walks in and asks where Emily and Michelle are Paige aks why and Richelle says it is because she thinks she doesn’t deserve to be on Acro Nation and that Emily and Michelle put her on their just because she got them kicked out the studio which is super unprefesional. Paige says that Emily and Michelle didn’t choose the team and besides Emily and Michelle wouldn’t do nothing to risk their jobs. Richelle says she doesn’t need to be in Acro Nation she just needs to strengthen up a bit more and then she will be the best dancer again. Piper tells Richelle to stop being so selfish and that Acro Nation is really fun and that Richelle is not a team player at all and that she is just out for herself. Emily tells Richelle to leave as rehearsal is about to start.

Meanwhile in Acro Nation, Thalia and Eldon start leading a warm up. Then once that is finished Thalia says that she is really excited to be working with them and that she can’t wait to get started. Henry says that Acro Nation could be really good, he could learn contempary here. Kenzie says she would like to be with her brother who is Finn, but it doesn’t matter if she isn’t as she needs to work on her hip hop. Davis says she doesn’t have any friends here so this could be a good oppurtunity to make a good first impression. She starts to dance to Hurricane and starts doing contempary and hip hop, she says she needs to make a good impression and she is going all the way. Thalia comes in she asks Eldon why she isn’t on A-Troupe as she can do everything, Eldon says she is missing Acro. Davis says she can’t do acro and that at her last studio they laughed at her and she doesn’t want that to happen here. She stops. Thalia and Eldon start clapping, Thalia says that she is great and that she wants to see a lot of that in her work.

Emily and Michelle gather A-Troupe in Studio 1 and say that there is a competition for studios that are competing in regionals just to give them a head start. It is called Absolute Dance Rocking it to Regionals. There is a six person dance, 10 person dance, a solo and a duet. She would like Finn and Lily for the duet, Paige for the solo and Piper, Winnie, Noah, Jaqucie, Amy and Paige for the trio as they have great chemistry. Heather and Heathcliff ask why they were not picked Michelle says they will be next time.

Thalia and Eldon gather everyone into Studio A and say that there in competition called Absolute Dance Rocking in to Regionals which studios who want practice for regionals can attend to better themselves. Their is a six person dance, a solo, a trio and a ten person dance. For the six person dance they have chosen Richelle, Zara, Ozzy, Kingston and Davis, for the duet Kenzie and Henry, for the solo Summer. Thalia says that Flo and Sophie will be included in the 10 person dance.