Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

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Loap james tells alfie that he and riley are the loves of each others' lives

James tells Alfie that he is giving him a second chance

Alfie season 4 dwm

Alfie dances to top of the world

alfie is dancing in stiodo a and James walks in to grab his things Alfie finsh his dance and starts crying and and hears and see Alfie sobing on the floor James drop his bag and walk to alfie and kneels down and put his hand on Alfie sholder "Alfie is everything ok???" 'no' "what wrong?" Alfie look up and see that James is concerned about him. "James can we talk" "sure what is going on" " I am sorry for kissing riley I should of not kiss her I was a fool and I know it is extremely unforgivable but I a! Asking for a chance James cause" Alfie pause and crys moe James hold Alfie hand"Alfie don't say no more it's okay, I give you another chance"Alfie puts his head down I feel awful". Don't Alfie it's ok let's just dance and forget about it ok?" James hug Alfie "it's alright" I hope so alfie and james start danicing to hole in the earth and Alfie is still sad but james rubs Alfie's back in a comfort way say "Alfie is ok I forgive you for kissing he don't stress" Alfie and James hug and James wraps around and as Alfie crys 'its ok it ok Alfie just bethre'. James rubs Alfie back 'dont don't feel bad man it's ok' James puts his hand on alfoe shoulder 'wanna juice?' 'sure James' James kiss alfie on the forehead and the walk to neutarl grounds and bugs Alfie a juice ' here Alfie it's on me' aww James' riley comes over and says hi guys and Alfie has memories from dating rilley and alfie has a panic attack and he faints james kneels down 'alfoe? Alfie? '? James pokes alfie arm ' Riley get me a face cloth' Riley gets a face cloth James put the face cloth on his forehead Alfie wakes up James lay his hand on Alfie forehead 'sweetie is everything ok?' Alfie Stars crying' James I still love her' James pulls Alfie up and massage his shoulders 'alfie it's ok we are going to talk about this' James gives Alfie his juice and James holds Alfie hand 'i know u love her I saw the way I looked at her and I don't want you so stress Alfie i am always here to help and support you alfie, you know there other people that would love to date you'. 'i can't move on'. Yes u can Alfie I know it' Alfie put away his juice and lay hand on his forehead crying James tells Alfie to wait and he buys him a muffin' her Alfie muffins is yummy food' ' I'll take it home' James rubs Alfie sholder and start to cry 'i hope you are ok Alfie' alfie break's down crying and james hold him in his arm' I know Alfie cry if yo have to' Alfie brethe hevely 'com down Alfie it's ok 'i am in the wrong for loving riley' 'no Alfie u r not I promise love is never wrong it only worng if u mess with a relationship u know?' James let's go of alfie and tells alfie he has to go and see piper ' james rubs alfie back ' it's ok Alfie feel what u need to feel , you storng my friend u can do it' Alfie holds James hand ' I will try' James smile and pit his hand on his shoulder 'thats my boy' James walks in to stido a and piper needs help with chreo in neutarl grounds Alfie see riley and alfie tells riley he loves her and Riley kiss Alfie ' why u kiss me riley' I wanna be with you' alfie calls his mom telling her he going to be a hour or two late and Alfie walks in to stuo cry James see Alfie hey sweetie come here' James hugs alfie 'relax Alfie relax' ' James riley just missed me' James let go of Alfie 'what! Alfie had tear's rolling down his face' I a! So sorry James' James storms out and piper rubs Alfie back 'are you ok Alfie? 'he is mad at me piper' piper pov 'i feel bad for alfie I wish I could help' Piper hug Alfie 'love u big brother' alfoe smile 'love u to' ja es walk into netual grounds 'riley were done' 'why' 'u kiss Alfie and Know thanks to you hi is panicking u am not going to date u if it means steasing Alfie out we're over riley' 'thanks' James pov 'i broke up malny for Alfie is was hard but I know it what's best for my friend and I hope it helps' James walks in to stuodo 1 and see Alfie crying and James sits 'hey' Alfie keeps crying 'hey James I'm so sorry' ' I broke up with her for you're 'why ?' I I hate seeing u in so much stress and pain.' Alfie hug James 'i will try to stay away from riley' "I am so proud of you alfie' 'i was scred to lose you James! 'awww Alfie youre to sweet and you just mean everything to me' James kisses Alfie's forehead'i have to go but please call or text me if anything happens ok? Don't worry about telling me Alfie I'll never leave you alone' Alfie leves after riley sent Alfie a message saying he better date her or else she will tell everyone about him being a prince Alfie imtdetley got in tear's and panics. Next day he calls James and sent James what riley told him James went to the right away and see Alfie 'hey is everything ok' 'no' 'dont worry alfie I promise I won't let anything happen' James hugs Alfie tigth alfie crys'james if people find out I am a prince I will have to become a slave and get toured' 'oh Alfie I will never let that happen to you' alfoe hugs James 'and I won't ever see you again and you are my best friend ever' 'aww Alfie you my best friend to' alfoe bulter arrives 'alfie u told pepole about you secert u r going to be a slave James says' no there has to be a different way please don't punish him please' Alfie butler replayed 'tje only way Alfie can stay is if a friend sacrifice for him' 'what to I have to do' Alfie crys 'james no' Alfie butker' u have to pay the price of 1000 dollars and give up your most favorite thing and u will have to be slaved' Alfie hug James 'james no please don't' James hugs Alfie back ' I have to Alfie it cause I love you're Alfie bulter calls the woman that James is going to salve and James gave Alfie bulter 1000 dollars here'. Alfie walks out and James has tears and tells Alfie Butler that there crazy for treating Alfie awful 'james we do love Alfie but breaking this rule is serious it to protect him from getting hurt' 'makes sence' James walks in the looker room and see Alfie ballin his eyes out James Rubs Alfie's head 'its ok Alfie it's ok) (no cause of me u r going be slave) James hold alfoe hand as he crys ( it's for you Alfie I love you so much I will never let anyone use u as a slave) James hugs Alfie tight (it's ok sweetheart I know just know it out of love and I will always be here for you love) alfie panics (I don't what this for you James) James has teras in his eyes (I know sweetie I know just relax Alfie I know) ( james I'm sorry for ev) James kiss his forehead ( don't be) alfoe leves and say ( by James) (by sweetheart)