A-troupe learns about regionals and start to prepare. there is a dance battle to decide the dance captain. And Michellle makes friends with Riley


In studio A the team is warming up and and James,eldon and west are discussing about the news thats gannoa hit the office table in a minute. "I can't wait for the news" west says.James nods and Eldon does the same. Then the postman arrives and hands Kate the envolope. She looks excited. And walks out with Chris. And the group look very excited. (Michelle says "this is my first regionals with the team and I've made a friend Eldon but I'd like to make more.) "the first round is a male solo." Miss Kate said round 2 is 3-5 person dance. There is more to come later in the week she finishes. And leaves With Chris to decide the dancers that are going to do the dances.

in Kate's office chris starts by saying we should decide the 3-5 dance. Kate says we should have a trio as it will help the dancers to make a easier routine I think we should have Giselle,chloe and Stephane. Chris stats one key point what about dance captain.kate looks stunned. What about dance captain? She questions. chris answers i think Michelle should be given a chance. Kate doesn't want to but agrees. Kate says we will announce that later. What about the solo. kate stats. Chris answers let's see who wants to do it. Kate is perplexed. Mainly about Chris suggesting the decision. (in talking heads Chris says plan Chris is in motion.)Kate walks out to inform the dancers.

Meanwhile during the this conversation,Michelle is talking to Riley and there interestingly are getting along. (Riley says i like Michelle a lot I think we will be friends) I'm looking forward to be seeing who they are going to be featured says Michelle. Riley agrees but is nervous. on the other side of the room Emily over looks Michelle and Riley's conversation.

When kate walks out she says that chloe,Giselle and Stephanie will be doing the trio. They are all exicted. And Emily for the first time stats what's on her mind,who's going to be dance captain. She asks. Kate replies we would like you to have to battle Michelle. michelle looks nervous and says what softly. Emily looks shocked. The shot skips to Emily in talking heads who says if Michelle wants to battle me bring it on. Then it goes to Chris who says in talking heads "this is the start of the End of Kate's reign of the next step