Friends forever is the 2nd episode of season one.


A-troupe is named. And eldon and Michelle become friends. Riley and James become closer.


in Studio A the new A-troupe is announced on the board it says Emily,Michelle, Riley, James, Chloe, west,Eldon, Daniel, Giselle, Stephane and Tiffany. Most of the dancers celebrate but Emily is in deep thought am I still ganna be dance captain. After the new A-troupe dance to celebrate their personal success.

the intro rolls which follows Michelle,Eldon,James,Riley,West,daniel,Emily,Stephanie,chloe,Giselle,Tiffany.

Kate walks out and says to the team "are regionals team and application has been accepted." The dancers all look happy a few do handshakes,cheer and hug. (In talking heads Michelle says she can't wait to go to regionals with her new team)

Later after the rehearsal James and Riley are packing up their things. James brakes the silence by saying "are you happy with making A troupe." Riley answers "yes of course can't wait to go to regionals" James says "well I think some of the team are going to squeeze tonight I thought if maybe you would like to go with me" Riley answers "why me" James says "Because you a good person to talk to and your not doing anything tonight" Riley says "yeah ok" (she says in talking heads a bit weird why he wants to go with me why not Eldon or west)

Talking of squeeze Michelle is sat there alone and Eldon who at the time gets a drink sits across from her and says hi Michellle says hi its Eldon right. He answers yes that's me. Why are you sat with me?Michelle questions. Eldon simply answers I think you are a nice person and I'd like to be your friend. (Michelle in talking heads says that's cute.) I'd like to be your friend to. Michelle answers positively.

Meanwhile james and Riley are having a good laugh on the other side of squeeze (Riley in talking heads says that James isn't that bad and he's kind and funny.)

Also in squeeze west and Daniel are talking about making the team and both say how They want to improve. A lot this year. West says yes ganna work on his belle and he's got a lesson with Eldon tomorrow. And Daniel shows how mich he wants the solo.

All so in squeeze the e girls Chloe,Giselle, leader Emily, Stephane and Tiffany are gossiping. But emily isn't too in the conversation she keeps thinking if she's still going to be dance captain.(this is in talking heads she says if she is still dance captain.