Get the party started is the 1st episode of Season 1.


"Kate holds auditions for A-Troupe."


The dancers walk in some looking professional,some looking nervous. Then a voiceover comes over the top of the walking dancers "like every year we hold auditions for A-troupe so we can go to regionals."(the shot goes to a girl that has short blond hair. in the bottom left the caption says Emily contemporary dancer.) The dancers line up at the back of the studio. (again in talking heads James says I can't wait for this year) miss Kate walks out to group and starts "welcome to the A-troupe auditions!" Just as she is talking about the morning ahead. A blond hair girl who looks stressed and in a rush. The auditions are in here right.

The intro is short and snappy as the next step comes up in bold letters

"ah Michelle" miss Kate says.(I ask Michelle in as she we need more experience Kate says in talking heads) "are you ready for the auditions" At this point west, eldon and James are overlooking what's going on. "Yeah"Michelle answers. Emily looks perplexed. Riley (Emily's sister) says to stephanie "she might be better then all of us"

the auditions start a couple of B-troupers go first and produce clean but still need a bit more routines. First is west who says over the top of his dance says "I love hip hop I think I'm unique to the team." next is Emily who produces a decent routine that makes everyone think it sets the tone. Eldon says "She is dance captain so that's what we need to beat." Next is actually Eldon who does a mix of hip hop but mainly comtempory it shows how he has grown. after that the e-girls Stephane and tiffany go and do well. then James goes and Riley says "he's always trying to get the girl's attention and I'm not falling for it" then riley does a routine that is good she looks nervous though. After that is Daniel folllowed by giselle.then Chloe had her chance and gave it a good go. Finally michelle went and did really well argubly the best they had so far.

When michelle finished Kate said thanks we have a lot to think about. Her and Chris walk away and the dancers are left waiting to see who is in and who is out. When miss Kate puts up the board everyone goes and looks at it. "we had to cut a few good dancers today" says Chris. "it's a shame"