chris' plan is put in motion when emily battles Michelle for dance captain. Emily is determine to keep her captaincy while Michelle wants a good group effort who will win.


in studio A Emily is stunned she might not be dance captain.While Michelle is surprised."so" says Kate "Michelle are you going to battle for dance captain.Michelle timidly says yes. This makes Emily Evan more annoyed and angry. Chris starts by naming the groups. Kate doesn't like this one bit. Chris starts with emilys team but is cut by James saying there's 9 of us to split. In talking heads James says this won't be equal. Some of the group nod there heads to James' comment. Chris says he had a idea on that he was going to put the nine dancers names in a hat and who gets to draw first gets 5 not four. Everyone agrees apart from Kate who gets just a little bit confused.

chris goes into the office and gets out the hat. Puts the names in it.(over the top of this he's says in talking heads "the idea is to cause drama between two very good dancers.)

when he comes back out. Emily asks if she can go first Michelle politely agrees and they start. Emily pulls out Stephanie first. Stephanie says ifn talking heads she is happy to be with her best friend. Then Michelle draws and she says Emily's surprise her sister isn't disappointed to be with michelle. Then back to Emily who gets Daniel. No big emotion after that. The draw goes on and on.

At the end on Emily's team we have Emily,Daniel,Stephanie,Giselle,Tiffany and chloe. Daniel feels left out as he is the only boy.

And ones Michelles team is Michelle,Riley,Eldon,James and west. Emily gets studio A and Michelle gets B. The day starts.

Michelle starts chrographing with some contemporary.this puts west of saying i can't do contemporary then James and Eldon help him out. Eldon and James in talking both stat that there the boys and have to help each other out. And both at points say (Eldon and James) say how it's nice to spend More time with Michelle (Eldon) and Riley (james). Also Riley and Michelle happen to say the same about the two boys. But later in the routine when they go hip hop west says in talking heads he could be the best in the group in this section But admits he needs to keep working on his Comtemporary.

Pin studio A Emily leads a very comptempary routine with some acro as must of the dancers find it easier. but is so determined to beat Michelle tells the others to hit from the top and give those best very single time they rehearse. This takes the fun out of the exercise and if anything goes lacklustre they do it again.and a few people have said if they can have a break and Emily says it's not their captaincy on the line.

meanwhile in studio B Michelle and her team are just finishing up. And James and west admit michelle is nice person and both Tell her this As a complement. Michelle says if the four of them want to then get some juice with her tonight Rliley says yes and in talking heads says like this group of people and want to spend more time with them. The boys agree with no second thoughts.

kate soon after calls both groups in. And tells them time is up and it's time to perform. As Emily got to pick first earlier.Michelle danced first.

Michelles routine had comptempary with exploding into hip hop this was to demonstarted she can help people with multiple diffrent styles. West says while their performance is going on he loves the routine and likes the people in it. Emily is stunned how good it is and her own sister is having fun. They pose in a line similar to the intro of the show.

Then Emily's dance it is another clean routine but has more technicall elements Tiffany says in talking heads. Daniel says there are not enough risks for her to win.stephanie says no mater what happens Emily will always be the best. They then finish a slow routine.

This was going to be a difficult decision to make.

Kate and Chris walk into the office kate says Emily. But not because of the routine Because she gets the job done. While Chris says it's based on the routine and i think Michelle. Kate Takes this into account.

Meanwhile the Two teams are miles away from one another in the studio mainly because they are nervous mainly Emily who knows she wasn't bad maybe just fell short.

Kate comes out with Chris and she says the dance captain is .................................... Michelle! Her group all celebrate but don't go too over the top. Michelle in talking heads says I just wanted to make the team,I've made good friends in this routine and I'm now dance captain. Well done to the both you. Kate says. Michelle tells her team co on lets go and get some juice. Riley comes along and says in talking heads she feels sorry for her sister who lost.but she did her job today and that shed talk to her later but she will celebrate with her friends.

On the other side of the room all of the e girls and daniel look disapponted Emily is upset and is with Stephanie as Michelle and her winning team leave the room.

chris looks at this in the office with Kate working at her desk and he smiles.