“The Start Is Here” is the 1st episode of Season 7. This is the premire of Season 7.


”a troupe start getting ready For a new season. Noah returns To a surprised A troupe. A troupe get ready to vote on Something big for all of them. also Emily announces what Michelles future is with the studio.


A troupe is thrilled and is looking forward too nationals. But some like Jacquie are disappointed about Noah. During this A troupe dance for the first time without him. Ozzy says How excited he is too show the country what he’s made off. Kingston says the same showing there simular ambition too one another. Richelle on one hand says how she will miss being around the person she grew up with But now can come out of her shell of feeling emotions. And she shows her goal of becoming dance captain one day. kenzie says how she kills the dance no mater what happens. And fin says how piper and him could be a good couple but doesn’t think She’d go for that idea. Speaking about piper she says she is looking forward too the new year. Henry says he’ll miss his best friend. Summer says her and henry are going to kill it at nationals despite Noah. Jacquie doesn’t say much. And it finishs with the whitewall look. SAYING IN BOLD THE NEXT STEP.

Noah walks in and says for a dance that isn't bad. But I could make it better. The whole troupe run too him and give him a massive team hug. Jacquie does however feels it is quite awkward as they were dating. Emily says why is he back she Is confused. Noah says where is Michelle.Emily says she is the studio owner as they both bought it and emily Will continue to be studio head but needs a assistant She says she has a few ideas. However the troupe are more interested in Noah he says it was only a role it doesn’t make him a professional dancer. He explains he needs to thank michelle for everything because he thought it was great. He asks if he can see Emily in her office she says yes come on in.

He asks if he can be reinstated as dance captain and maybe have assistance this time like Emily had. Emily says yes who are you thinking about.

it Cuts to the steets shots and back at the studio Like normal.

In shakes and ladders, the team have a Celebration with noah coming back to the studio. He is at the head of the table and says surprisingly he is looking for a joint dance captain and the whole table is stunned at the news they all say who and give him questions again all on top of each other he says it is not professional to say infront of everyone and he’s thinking about it. Richelle is the quietest at the table she says (in talking heads) how she has got over Elliot and is looking for maybe something new but dance captain might just be the bigger them the first time she got it.

Later the whole team are talking too each other still at the table when Noah’s phone goes off it’s emily he explains she wants too see everyone. Kingston says it’s after rehearsals so what’s the fuss. Fin says to piper as they get up what is this about piper says she has no idea.

They all walk in and Emily notices them and comes out and tells them. About the CHALLENGE and should they do it she explains how it made her team better when they did it. The team are stunned the faces said everything we vote on Friday so discuss it amongst uor selfs and we will privately vote then she hands them an Green and red ball she says green is for the challenge and red is of course against.


  • Noah has returned and is looking for a co dance captain
  • michelle is now studio owner
  • Emily says the troupe will vote on the challenge
  • richelle is looking for someone new