The Challange is the second episode of series 7


The team are debating about the vote on whether the team do the challange. Acronation have a massive challenge. And richelle and Noah get closer.


Acronation sit in a random studio. Thaila says after the defeat at regionals the chances of keeping her best dancers are on a all time low. And Amy says she hopes the next step enter the challenge. as Henry had told her through a text message.

Intro for season 6 plays as the team did not change.

Back too the next step. The Team are packing up after more debate about the challenge. Its Noah and Richelle left in the locker room. Noah starts by saying hey Richelle says hey back. Noah closes he’s locker door and says too Richelle you miss this place who would of thought you would miss a locker. Richelle laughs too her surprise. She says Noah’s changed a lot since B troupe i kinda like it. He says too Richelle can I talk too you. Richelle turns around yes Noah. He says he wants richelle to be co-captain with him she can’t believe it. Dance captain really She quickly responds. In talking heads Noah says how richellle is perfect for the role she’s also done it before he’s says so it makes sense. Because then someone can take over when he will leave at some point. And she was one of the reasons I came back too loose that connection is not good and dancing with her is just the best.

Meanwhile in shakes and ladders the team are split it’s less then a day till they vote. Kenzie is with fin and they say about what they will vote for kenzie all for the challenge fin is less so sure he likes the team he’s got and changing it in his opinion is not a good idea. Kenzie tells him it’s a challange as the name apply and you can’t take the easy option. Jacquie is alone at one of the tables when Henry sits down she says to him he should be with summer as they Are together Henry ignores it and says about her vote she says no idea. Henry disagrees and says Nothing given too you easly and you have to prove yourself. and it’s good to change. Jacquie is still thinking about and says maybe henrys right there.

Ozzy and Kingston are playing each Other at a racing game. As they flip there phone ozzy says what are you voting for Kingston says no he doesn’t want to addtion as he knows he’s not the best. Ozzy agrees for the same reason and Ozzy says Heath would love too take my spot that can not happan. Anyway Ozzy shouts I win everyone in shakes and ladders turns disapproved Kingston says best of three Ozzy says ok he Says he’ll beat him again so it doesn’t mater.


  • a troupe are split trying to convince people there ways better
  • Acronation will Loose dancers according to thaila
  • Richelle is co-captain and Is thrilled
  • Noah missed his locker while he was gone