The challange vote is episode 3 of series 7


noah and jacquie talk for the first time since returning to the troupe. The team finally decide whether to do the challenge.


A troupe enter the studio A looking nervous they have two balls in there hands. ones green which is for the challenge and red is not for doing the challenge. on the far side (facing the mirrors) is the cardboard box to place the ball lf your choice in is.

A troupe line up and Emily walks out ok guys it’s friday the day that that we’ll vote Ozzy your first. make sure you place the right one in no one can see it doesn’t matter. Ozzy walks up and. Chooses the red one. He says he chooses the red one because it will be hard too keep his place in the troupe. Next Kingston he follows suit and puts the red one In because he hasn’t quite as Good as he wants to be if he’s going to take them on. Next kenzie she the first to go green. Fin puts in green as he says Kenzie evantully convinced him too accept this Is what’s best. Next new co-captain Richelle she puts in green she says it doesnt matter as she’s captain she will Be on the team. Noah does the same he says Richelle convinced him and he’s safe as he’s co-captain. Next Henry he does the same and puts in green. Summer also puts in green. Piper differs and goes red. Jacquie puts in green.

Done that’s it emily takes the cardboard out and will check it. and come back with the result. A troupe are relieved and agree in groups to go shakes and ladders. Noah and Jacquie are last and stay behind as they both need to talk too each other. It’s awkward for both of them as the last time they saw each other they broke up. Noah says he’s moved on. In talking heads he says he’s maybe fallen for someone else. Jacquie says back she knows. she says it’s taken you so long just too tell me that. and storms off Noah sighs knowing he shouldn’t of said that.

Ozzy and Kingston are back at round to of there racing game. Kingston says what do you think the result will be ozzy sharply turns the phone in his hand no idea he says back. Kingston shouts this time he wins and tells Ozzy he’s back in business. Ozzy says he Lost because he wasn’t concentrating on the game.

The girls are on the other side of the room (apart from Jacquie) summer starts with who will be co-captain. richelle is shy and says I don’t know. As she forgot too announce it too Everyone and so did noah. piper Says we will find out soon. Richelle goes along with it and says yes we will. Kenzie is being very observant to Richelle in particular. Summer changes the conversation and says where’s Jacquie they all shake there heads.

noah walks in with fin and says about Jacquie. fin says at least you moved on. Noah says you Like someone. Fin sharply snaps no one. Noah agrees but knows he’s hiding something. You like anyone said fin trying to get his captain back. Noah gets just as defensive but in a more settle way and says I’m done fin knows hes lying. Noah and fin get too the front of the que and start ordering their things. As fin talks Noah looks guilty


  • the troupe vote on the challenge
  • Noah and Finn deny they both like people
  • Richelle co-captaincy not been announced to the group yet
  • Emily is Checking the vote