Emily announces the result of the vote of the challenge. the troupe also find out about Richelles co-captaincy. Also Noah and richelle discover something they have been hiding From them self’s


The troupe are strecthing when Kingston says Finn who’s going to win my Or Ozzy at this racing game. Finn doesn’t get to answer as he’s cut off by Noah who stands up. And Noah says he like to say Richelle is going to be his co-captain. The troupe are happy for her but aren’t really surprised by the news. Then Emily walks out and says she checked the results yesterday and they Are Doing the challenge the troupe immediately look excited, more then others.

Intro of series 6 plays

Ozzy says too Kingston looks like our racing competition on hold. Kingston smiles and responds we have routines too prepare. Ozzy suggests they do them together Kingston says alright then and they do their hand shake they have been working on and they Both walk out.

In locker room Noah and Richelle are Sorting out there lockers. As they are captains they will not have to do a solo and will judge. And get the best team they think is possible. Noah says looking forward to be judging.Richelle closes her locker door. She’s says it’s better then performing. Noah says in his normal quiet suttle tone says what she thinks of doing the challenge. She says she put in the green because the team could be better. Noah immediately says yes he agrees. Richelle says she haa things to do breaking the awkwardness in the room. Noah jumps and yes. Don’t want to hold you up. She smiles and walks out. Richelle in talking heads says no I can’t I don’t. Do I gosh I think I do. Noah sits down on the couch and says we’re spending a lot of time together I don’t know I kinda like Richele.

Meanwhile in studio 1 Kenzie and Jacquie are working. Kenzie says Jacquie been off recently I wonder whats Up. Kenzie takes a knee next to Jacquie whose say Down at this point she explains its arkward having Noah back Since they last left off Kenzie don’t worry about. kill this routine. You’ll be fine. Jacquie s says what if Noah Doesn’t pick her. Kenzie says don’t give him a reason not too. ok she says with a smile and jacquie says one two three four.

Meanwhile Finn is in shakes and ladders with piper after there one day of preparing solos. Finn seems on edge piper breach’s the silence nervous. Finn says he is. He can’t loose his place on the troupe. It means a lot to him.

on The over side of the room is summer and Henry who have mileshake Henry says this is why he loves being apart of A troupe spending time with the people he loves best. Summer agrees after taking a Sip out of the milkshake. She laughs. Henry takes a sip of his and they say at the same time wrong one. And swap. summer Says she will miss everyone in the troupe. Henry reassures her they might all make but will have a couple more places up for graps. they move smile and relax.


  • The Team are doing the challenge
  • Noah and Richelle now have Felling for each other
  • Some of the team are already feeling the pressure of the challenge
  • EVERYONE will perform a solo
  • with Richelle,Noah and Emily picking The team.