Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!

season 1

Regionals is coming up everyone from last years team are vining for their spots and no ones spot is safe this season question ask. How far will you go to save your spot?

Main Characters

  • Victoria Baldeserra as Michelle
  • Alexandra Beaton as Emily
  • Jordan Clark as Giselle
  • Alexa Mills as Paige
  • Alexandra Chaves as Piper
  • Briar Nolet as Richelle
  • Myles Elrick as Noah
  • Elliot Mordale as Alex
  • Samuel Jones as Samuel
  • Kalani Hilkifer as Lexi
  • Jessica Lord as Lola
  • Bree Wasylenko as Kate
  • Natalie Krill as Phoebe
  • Isaac Lupien as Eldon


  • New Start
  • Bring it On
  • Love is War
  • Rewind
  • The Fight
  • Not all is Lost
  • Never Wake Up
  • Free Bridge

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