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Finn is a hip-hop dancer on A-Troupe.[4]


Before the Show

Finn started dancing at the age of five, because he wouldn't stop moving around.[5]

Dance brought Finn to Germany, Italy and Vegas.[5]

Finn was a child actor, starring in a commercial for Fruity Moons.[6]

The Off Season: Season 2

Finn under-preparedly auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and dances a funny story.[7]

Season 6

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Finn is introduced as a very goofy character, who says strange things and makes people laugh. Despite this, Finn is also very caring, kind and loyal, as shown when he backs away from Richelle because Ozzy likes her[8] and when he does everything possible to cheer Piper up on multiple occasions.[5][9]

Physical appearance


Finn is tall and slim. He has light skin, light brown hair and blue eyes. He is the tallest person on A-Troupe.[10]


When dancing, Finn wears a long-sleeved black and red shirt or a navy T-shirt and white long-sleeved undershirt with black pants.



  • Acro: Finn is proficient at acro.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is not Finn's strongest style, since both Kenzie and Ozzy believe that he can benefit from help in that genre. However, he improves in contemporary with Kenzie's help.[8]
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is Finn's dominant style at which he is proficient.



  • Acting: Finn is proficient at acting. He was the spokesperson in a "Fruity Moons" commercial when he was a child.[8]


  • Public Speaking: Finn is proficient at public speaking. He successfully speaks in an on-camera interview with Chuck Anderson and is so good that he considers hosting to be a future possible career for himself.[11]


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Group dances


  • Finn's locker is number 10.[12]
  • Finn enjoys fishing.[13]
  • Finn's email password is 1234567.[14]


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