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Finn is a hip-hop dancer on A-Troupe.[5]

Finn is brought to The Next Step Dance Studio by probationary studio head Miss Angela,[5] and remains on A-Troupe after she is dethroned as studio head.[6]


Before the Show

Finn started dancing at the age of five, because he wouldn't stop moving around. His dance career took him to Germany, Italy and Las Vegas.[6]

As a child, Finn starred in a commercial for a cereal brand called "Fruity Moons".[7]

At some point, Finn worked with Miss Angela.[5]

The Off Season: Season 2

Finn under-preparedly auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and dances about "a funny story".[8]

Season 6

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The Off Season: Season 3

Finn meets Izzy for the first time when he mistakes her for her older brother, Ozzy.[2]

Finn watches the finale of Dancemania with Kingston, and helps Summer get invested in the show.[9]

Season 7

Finn attends Michelle's goodbye party, along with the other members of The Next Step. During A-Troupe's tribute to Michelle's past dances, he and Piper recreate her duet with Eldon to "Inside Out". Finn confesses that he will miss Michelle.[10]

When Lily makes a surprise return to the studio, Finn is the first to comment on her arrival. Along with the rest of A-Troupe, he hesitates to trust Lily, believing her to be a spy. However, when Kenzie and Richelle inform everyone that Lily seems to genuinely want to redeem herself, he joins the other dancers in welcoming her to the studio.[11]

Having become used to spending lots of time with Piper, Finn struggles to adjust to her dividing her time between him and Amy, and agrees to spend time with both of them with the goal of him and Amy becoming friends. Finn is saddened when Amy reacts coldly to his attempts to befriend her, and after accepting some flawed advice from Richelle - which borrows heavily from her lingering anger at not being dance captain - he approaches Amy and tries to apply this advice to their friendship with Piper, claiming that they need to "co-captain" her; Amy remains dismissive, and angrily informs Finn that they don't have to be friends. Finn's patience finally runs out, and he reminds Amy that when she left to join AcroNation, effectively abandoning both A-Troupe and Piper, he was the one who was there for her when she needed a friend. Later, Finn feels bad about fighting with Amy, and is therefore pleased when she approaches him and Piper and apologises. After a second attempt at spending time together as a group, Finn and Amy finally begin to get along.[12]

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Finn is very laid back and goofy, and often says strange things in the hope of making people laugh. He can be quite vacant, verging on being clueless; amongst other things, he supposedly forgets his own name when called to do an audition[8] and is revealed to be unaware that spoons are cutlery.[12] Despite this, Finn is also very caring, kind and loyal, as shown when he backs away from Richelle after finding out that Ozzy likes her[3] and when he does everything possible to cheer Piper up on multiple occasions,[6] even embarrassing himself in order to make her feel better.[13]

Physical appearance


Finn has light skin and blue eyes. His hair is blond and straight in Season 6, and brown and curly in Season 7, supposedly as the result of a perm.[10] He is the tallest person on A-Troupe.[14]


When dancing, Finn wears a long-sleeved black and red shirt or a navy T-shirt and white long-sleeved undershirt with black pants. In Season 7, he mostly wears a short-sleeved blue T-shirt.

Finn's street clothes heavily resemble his dance attire, with the main difference being that it is usually paired with a jacket. In Season 7, he often wears denim.



  • Acro: Finn is proficient at acro.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is not Finn's strongest style, since both Kenzie and Ozzy believe that he can benefit from help in that genre. However, he improves in contemporary with Kenzie's help.[3]
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is Finn's dominant style, at which he is proficient.



  • Acting: Finn is proficient at acting. He was the spokesperson in a "Fruity Moons" commercial when he was a child.[3]
  • Singing: Finn sang in a “Fruity Moons” commercial when he was a child.


  • Public Speaking: Finn is proficient at public speaking. He successfully speaks in an on-camera interview with Chuck Anderson and is so good that he considers hosting to be a possible future career for himself.[15]


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The Off Season: Season 2

Season 6

The Off Season: Season 3

Season 7



Group dances

Group dances


  • Finn's locker is number 10.[1]
  • Finn enjoys fishing.[16]
  • Finn's email password is 1234567.[17]
  • Finn enjoys surfing.[8]
  • Finn has an extensive knowledge of tea.[2]


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