As far as first dates go... this one was pretty perfect.


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"First Date" is the 19th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 19th episode overall. It aired on October 18, 2013.


With a new A-Troupe assembled, the dancers decide to change the Regionals routine.


Riley enters Studio A to find Stephanie sitting near the entrance, the rest of A-Troupe conversing with Kate and Chris. Riley asks Stephanie where Emily is, and Stephanie reveals that Emily made it into Elite while she didn't. Riley feels awful, believing that Emily's departure is her fault. Michelle tells Stephanie that they are ready for her. Stephanie stands before the unhappy troupe and Chris tells her that she will audition like everyone else. Stephanie begins to dance, but Michelle stops her and Stephanie, who is crying, accepts that she is no longer on A-Troupe and begins to leave. However, Michelle stops Stephanie again and tells her that they know she can dance and that's why they need her in A-Troupe. Stephanie bursts into happy tears, hugs Michelle, and thanks and apologizes to everyone. A-Troupe has a group hug.

Riley season 1 episode 19

Riley confesses that she is nervous about the date.

Riley is in Studio A, performing a solo to "Where Did Everybody Go" when James enters, stirred up by Riley's solo. When she finishes, James reveals that he got a B+ on his math exam, meaning that James and Riley are going to go on a date. Riley confesses that she is really excited, although nervous, because it is her first date. Michelle finds Eldon at Squeezed and sits with him. She tells him that since Emily left, she was thinking of concocting a new Regionals routine in which they could do a duet together, which Eldon reveals that he would like. She then asks him what he doing and Eldon reveals that he is coming up with date ideas for himself and Emily. Michelle is disappointed, wishing that the date was for herself and Eldon.

A-Troupe is playing ninja in Studio A when James enters. The troupe quickly welcomes him back. Kate then reveals that the tenth member of A-Troupe is Giselle. Giselle enters the studio and everybody congratulates her. Stephanie then reveals that she and Michelle think that they should create a new Regionals routine because Emily might have told Elite about their current one. Michelle also mentions a duet between herself and Eldon. She and Eldon go to Studio B to work on their duet while A-Troupe begins to learn their new choreography.

Eldon michelle season 1 first date

Eldon and Michelle commence their duet.

Eldon and Michelle are practicing their duet which is going well. Meanwhile, A-Troupe is rehearsing their new Regionals routine to "More Than That" which is about the opposing genres of contemporary and hip-hop. When it comes to Daniel's solo, he marks the routine, causing Kate to call him into her office to question him. Daniel lies that since Regionals are so soon, he doesn't want to "burn out." Kate understands, but says that if he doesn't work harder, then she will take away his solo and give it to his understudy, James.

Michelle and Eldon are performing their duet to "Inside Out." The concept of the dance is that Michelle is fearful of doing something and needs to learn to trust Eldon for assistance and, by the end of that dance, Michelle is ready to face her fear. Both Michelle and Eldon confess that they trust each other as they dance.

Daniel west season 1 first date

West asks Daniel if he is still taking him home.

James is waiting in Studio A for Riley, since they are supposed to be having their date. James confesses that he chose to have their date in Studio A because it is where they first met each other. Riley is wary of the locale, but James asserts that there is more to the date than she thinks. James gives Riley a homemade passport, knowing that Riley wants to travel. Meanwhile, Daniel dances by himself in Studio B, and notices that his ankle is feeling better. West enters then, worrying Daniel since the tensor bandage is still covering his ankle. West, not noticing, asks Daniel if he is still giving him a ride home. Daniel assures him that he will still drive him home, but that he will hang back for a second. West leaves, thinking that Daniel is acting a bit strangely. Daniel confesses that nobody can know about his injury, because it could mean that his solo is taken away from him.

Back in Studio A, James directs Riley to her seat. The concept of the date is that he and Riley will eat a bunch of food from around the world and before they get food from a different country, James will stamp Riley's passport. Riley grows to enjoy the date. When Riley and James finish eating, James asks Riley to dance with him. The two slow dance together and share their first kiss. Riley says that her first date was perfect.


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  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Blink 182.




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