I'm telling you—he likes you.

Tiffany, to Riley

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"Forget You" is the 17th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 17th episode overall. It aired on October 4, 2013.


Emily struggles with what to do next after being put in the back row by Michelle.


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Under Michelle's watch, A-Troupe rehearses their Regionals routine, but Emily clearly isn't trying. Eldon sympathizes with Emily, seeing as she was once dance captain and is now in the back row. At one point in the routine, Michelle openly compliments Eldon, leading Emily to believe that perhaps she likes him. Eventually, Michelle calls Emily out for her lack of effort, but Emily retorts that she does not care if her actions are hurting the team, since the team hurt her. Emily confesses that she doesn't know if she can even remain at the studio due to everyone's lack of respect for her.

Riley video-chats James in Squeezed, since he is still out of the studio due to his poor grades. Riley notifies James that he is the second row of the routine and that Emily is in the back. When Riley asks James about his progress in math, he assures her that they will be on their date in no time. Although, when Riley tests him, James is unable to answer the simple question. Riley is left momentarily disappointed, until James correctly answers the question correctly before signing off.

Giselle emily season 1

Giselle confides in Emily about how much she dislikes B-Troupe.

Giselle approaches Emily, leading to an embrace between them. After Emily admits that she is as good as she can be, Giselle admits that she feels as though she was switched at birth and woke up in B-Troupe, and that she misses A-Troupe profusely. Emily apologizes for not following through with her promise to get her back onto the team. Michelle arrives and asks to speak to Emily. After Giselle departs, Michelle asks Emily if she knows why she is in the back row, which Emily dubs a result of Michelle's crush on Eldon, as it gets Emily out of the way. Amidst her denial, Michelle angrily asserts that Emily's back-row status, which even Kate and Chris signed off on, is a result of her simply not being a good enough dancer. Emily confesses that this is a blow, as she considers Kate a second mother. Before leaving, Emily tells Michelle that she isn't good enough for Eldon and should stop trying. Michelle confesses that she has a little crush on Eldon, but that she would never let it get in the way of what's best for the team.

Stephanie season 1

Stephanie awaits the verdict about her audition

Stephanie anxiously awaits her audition for a commercial. She observes what the current auditionee is doing from outside the window and, seeing the positive response it gains from the casting director, decides to replicate it during her audition. When it is Stephanie's turn, she hands the casting director her photo and resume and enters the room. The casting director notes Stephanie's extensive dance background and minimal acting background per the resume and Stephanie admits that she is still learning the latter. Before she begins, Stephanie asks the casting director for what accent she should audition in, as she can do dramatic accents, like Shakespearian. As the assistant silently laughs, the casting director tells Stephanie to do what makes her comfortable. Stephanie auditions terribly, but she feels confident, unknowing of how poor her performance was. Stephanie is asked to take a ten minute break, after which she will be seen by the director. Thinking this is a positive thing, Stephanie attempts to call Emily and sends her an optimistic voicemail. The director enters the audition room and Stephanie overhears his conversation with the casting director; the casting director insults Stephanie's performance and ultimately assures that he will bring her back in so that he can see how bad she is. Stephanie is left hurt and tearful. Stephanie is about to storm off, but is stopped by the casting director, and led back into the audition room before the director.

Emily sits in solitude on the couch in Studio B. Having heard Stephanie's voicemail, she sends her one in response congratulating her, but also telling her that she needs to speak to her. Despite knowing that Stephanie is not returning her call because she is busy, Eldon is left feeling even more alone since she is unable to immediately speak to her only remaining friend.

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Eldon consoles Emily.

Emily is still sitting in Studio B, but is eventually joined by Eldon. When Eldon asks her how she feels, she lies that she is fine, which Eldon can tell is untrue. Eldon tells Emily that it wasn't fair for Michelle to place her in the back row, as she is one of the best dancers in the studio. When Eldon asks Emily if she wants him to speak to Michelle, Emily refuses; she confesses that she is tired of fighting and no longer wants to do it. Eldon tucks a lock of hair behind Emily's ear, leading her to lean into Eldon, culminating in a kiss. After they pull away from each other, Eldon confesses his excitement at his first kiss being with Emily. Eldon squeezes Emily's hand and leaves the room so that she can be alone. Emily confesses that the kiss was a kiss goodbye.

Tiffany riley season 1

Tiffany tells Riley that James likes her.

As Giselle rehearses in Studio A, Riley writes cue cards for James. Upon learning what Riley is doing, Tiffany cites the way James looks at him for grounds that they are definitely more than friends. Riley laughs it off, but Tiffany assures her that James likes her. Tiffany confesses that there must be love between them; after all, why would she help him with math otherwise?

Kate leads A-Troupe in a ballet lesson. At the ballet barre, Eldon tells Michelle that he spoke to Emily. Thinking that Emily revealed her crush on him, Michelle begins to apologize, but realizes that Eldon only wants to switch spots with Emily in the routine. Blinded by her relief, Michelle thoughtlessly agrees. Michelle is unsure if her decision to appease Eldon was fueled by her crush on him.

Stephanie sits with Emily in Squeezed. Emily tells Stephanie that her suspicions were right; they are in the back row while James, who didn't even audition, is in the second row. Stephanie deems this evidence that Kate and Chris no longer care about them. Stephanie tells Emily about her awful audition and having to subsequently audition in different accents before the director so that she could be made fun of. Despite herself, Stephanie is able to laugh with Emily. Emily confesses that she and Stephanie need a fresh start.

Kate chris eldon season 1

It is revealed that Eldon and Emily's positions are to be switched.

Michelle tells the present A-Troupe members, Kate, and Chris that Emily and Eldon will be switching spots in the line-up, surprising them all. Michelle confesses that while she doesn't know if her decision is the best move, she needed to throw Eldon off the suspicion of her crush on him. Nonetheless, when the dancers continue to question her, Michelle tries to assure them of her decision. Eldon confesses that he is excited to see Emily's reaction. Just as the dancers are about to rework their routine, Riley runs into the studio and announces that Emily and Stephanie are leaving the studio, leaving everybody in various states of anger and disbelief.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song by Cee Lo Green.



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