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Fusion is a dance style that is practiced at The Next Step Dance Studio. The only known individual dancer to perform this style is Kingston.


Fusion dance combines different dance styles to create a unique performance. It does not typically conform to any specific genre; it may involve creating a new style, combining existing styles, or both. A dancer can follow any kind of technique, or combine technique from various styles; the most commonly used techniques in fusion include connection, extension-compression, and frame, and could also include ballet technique, contact improvisation, popping, and more.

Like hip-hop, fusion prioritises musicality. The music style may influence a fusion dancer's choice of base style; for example, a dancer might include popping or locking if choreographing to a hip-hop song, or balletic movements if choreographing to a classical song.[1]

Despite the style rarely being referenced on The Next Step, fusion is featured on the show surprisingly often. Many of the show's group dances follow the theme of combining various different dance styles, such as contemporary and hip-hop[2] or hip-hop and ballet,[3] meaning that even if they are not specifically mentioned to be, the genre of most group dances featured on the show could be correctly identified as fusion.

Examples of the fusion dance style being used within the show are: Daniel and West's duet (ballet and hip-hop), Lola and Kingston's duet and TNS West and TNS East (ballet and hip-hop) duet to decide the location of the dance battle.




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