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By getting close to her... we can take her down.

Riley, to Emily

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"Game On" is the 17th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 47th episode overall. It aired on June 6, 2014.


The pressure is on for Nationals when a key member leaves the troupe.


Michelle kate season 2

Michelle says goodbye to Kate.

After hours, Michelle is in Studio A, preparing to leave. Kate approaches her and tells her that the team will always be there for her, then asks Michelle to lock up the studio on her way out. Michelle confesses that while she fell in love with dance at the studio, too much has taken place over the past few months and she can't stay.

The next day, Kate informs A-Troupe that Michelle has left the studio, shocking the dancers. This leaves the team with 10 dancers and no alternates which is bad, according to Riley, because if anybody gets injured or cannot dance, there is nobody to fill in for them.

Lucien and Amanda are at the mall, talking about their plan to take down The Next Step, when Emily overhears them. Emily knows that she needs to talk to Riley about the occurrence.

At Culture Shock, Emily reveals to Riley that Amanda is a double-agent and is trying to take the studio down. The conversation comes to a close when Amanda approaches them and tells them that Kate needs them in the studio, a situation in which Riley and Emily fail to act natural.

In the studio, Kate tells the troupe that they need a new female soloist since Michelle has left, and Amanda steps in, because she knows that when she leaves, the team won't have one. Knowing Kate won't believe her if she reveals what is going on, Riley decides to also audition for the spot, with Emily silently commending Riley for thinking so quickly. Kate instructs the two to pick a song and make up a routine.

Emily riley season 2 4

Emily tells Riley that she will take the plan unto herself.

Riley pulls Emily aside and tells her about her plan: make everybody hate her so that she can gain Amanda's trust, figure out her plan, and stop it. Emily likes the plan, but knows it will backfire because no one will believe Riley's act, nor come to hate her. Emily decides to do it instead. Although Riley admits that it makes sense, she is still wary of the situation.

Amanda and Riley are simultaneously practicing their respective solos, both with the same song, since Amanda chose the same song as Riley to throw her off and defeat her. While Riley is practicing, James enters and watches, after which James compliments Riley on the routine. Riley says that it needs some work, to which James tells her she's "perfect," although claims he means the dance is. Riley lies to him that she is too nervous to have him see her audition, when in reality, she tells him not to come because she knows he will interfere with her and Emily's plan.

James sits in Culture Shock, upon Riley's request to not go to the audition, when Beth joins him. He tells her he wants to be alone, but she misunderstands and instead suggests that they have their alone together so that it's double alone time. Fed up with Beth rambling on about the mall, James eventually leaves. In Studio A, auditions begin. Amanda goes first and Riley immediately notices their identical song choice. As Amanda dances, Riley reveals the plan in Talking Heads: while Riley performs, Emily will criticize her and she will run out of the studio in the hopes that everyone will turn on Emily. Next, Riley performs and the plan goes underway; Emily criticizes her relentlessly and Riley eventually runs out of the room. In addition to this, she insults her fellow dancers; Emily tells West to sit down, makes an insult about Chloe's financial problems, and tells Kate that Chris was better than her. The only one still standing by Emily is Hunter. Due to her outburst, her captaincy is revoked. Emily exits, meets Riley in the hallway, and is instantly comforted as she begins to cry, revealing that she didn't expect everybody to turn on her so easily.

Kate calls Amanda into her office and offers Amanda the role of dance captain, which she graciously accepts.

James is doing tricks at Parkour Alley for Beth and some other friends, when Riley approaches him to see if he is okay. As she is about to leave, James apologizes for hurting her and promises her that he will get her back. Riley confesses that that was what she always wanted to hear but merely replies with "We'll see," still giving James hope.

Amanda approaches Emily, who is playing the piano in the Music Room. Emily confesses that everything has come down to this.



  • In this episode, Riley professes her concern at having only 10 dancers, as someone could get injured. As predicted, Emily injures her knee in "You Love Me" and cannot perform in "Rewind" for the final round.


  • Amanda comments that she has never heard a dance captain yell like Emily does in this episode, although, she yelled with the same intensity as seen in Season 1 while she was Dance Captain at Elite Dance Academy.
  • Riley says that it is hard watching everybody turn on Emily, although she isn't watching, as she has already run out of the room by the time the confrontation ensues.





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