West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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By getting close to her... we can take her down.

Riley , to Emily

Oh, is that a jump? Get it together. This is embarrassing, Riley. Riley!


I start calling her out. I have to tell her that she's awful, that she can't dance and she's embarrassing and... pretty much things I would never say to my sister.


Emily: You're gonna fall on the Nationals stage. You're gonna fall on the Nationals stage.
Riley: What are you doing?
Emily: What am I doing? What are you doing? What is this? This is a mess!

West: Emily, you need to settle down, you're taking it way too far.
Emily: And you need to sit down.
Riley: You made me do that.
Emily: You're gonna blame this disaster on me?

Riley: Em, how could you do this to your own sister?
Emily: Sister? You're an embarrassment.

Chloe: You're just gonna let her leave like that? You should go help her.
Emily: Help her? Maybe I should help you pay for your classes.

Silently, I'm loving it, because again I did nothing and the team's bringing itself down.


Chloe: It was only a matter of time before your true colours actually came out.
Emily: It was only a matter of time before I realized that you guys just aren't worth it.

You know what? Chris was better than you ever were.

Emily , to Kate

I'm really surprised just how quickly all of them turned on me.


We'll see.

Riley , to James

It all comes down to this.