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Gertrude is Thalia's southern alter-ego, introduced in "Time to Move On" at Culture Shock's Open Mic Night.


Before the show

Thalia claims that she always used to pretend to be a made-up girl named Gertrude when she was younger.[1]

Season 2

Gertrude instructs two cute little girls at Culture Shock to pretend to help her clean the dishes.[1]


According to the audience's laughter and Eldon's assertion, Gertrude is funny. She is possibly not the smartest, as she pretends to wash invisible dishes during her appearance. Nonetheless, Gertrude appears to be a friendly and quirky individual.

Physical appearance

Gertrude, being Thalia's alter-ego, is identical to Thalia; she has a medium brown complexion, dark wavy hair, and dark eyes.

During her appearance, she wears a pink skirt, a white lace top, and a red belt around the waist.


Season 2



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