Pas de chat? Is that, like, a new breed of cat or something?

West, to Daniel.

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"Good Girls Go Bad" is the 6th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 6th episode overall. It first aired on March 22, 2013.


Emily convinces some of the A-Troupe dancers to spy on their main competition.


James emily kate tiffany west season 1

Emily reveals that Elite placed first in the trio competition.

Emily, Tiffany, and Stephanie return from their trio competition and announce that they came in second place. While they're congratulated, James inquires as to who placed first, and it is revealed that the winner was none other than Elite Dance Academy. Stephanie shows the A-Troupe dancers the footage of Elite's dance from the competition and the dancers are astounded. When the video ends, Emily suggests that they go spy on Elite. Riley volunteers but Emily does not let her, saddening Riley. Eldon decides to go, thinking that the opportunity could be like a date. Emily asks James if he'd like to come, but he declines. Despite being looked over by Emily, Michelle also decides that she will go, hoping that she can grow closer to her teammates. Emily lets Michelle go so that he teammates will believe her to be fair, although she confesses that it isn't a democracy but an "Emily-ocracy".

Daniel giselle season 1

Giselle and Daniel hug.

At Squeezed, James is working on his math due to his dropping grades when Riley approaches him, asking for a favour. She asks him to go on the trip with Emily to make sure that nothing happens to Michelle and James eventually accepts although assures Riley that it will cost her. Meanwhile, in Studio A , Giselle is stretching when Daniel enters. Daniel confesses that Giselle has been his friend ever since they were five and that she had mentored him in the hopes that they would one day be in A-Troupe together. The two embrace, stretch together, and converse about dance before Giselle leaves just as Beth enters. Beth asks Daniel if he has seen James; Daniel says no, after which Beth departs, leaving Daniel visibly humored at her persistence especially since, according to him, Beth and James dated for "five seconds." West enters then, and is extremely annoyed that Daniel is there because he wanted to have the studio to himself so that he could rehearse. They eventually decide to divide the space between themselves, although the tension between them does not dissipate.

James emily season 1

James tries to convince Emily to let him go spy on Elite with them.

Back at Squeezed, James is trying to convince Emily to let him join them on the trip to Elite by claiming that he dated a girl there and knows a way in. He walks back to Riley and tells her that she owes him.

In Studio A, West and Daniel are dancing in their respective areas when West accidentally starts dancing on Daniel's side all while blasting his music. Daniel turns off West's music, complaining that West did not stay on his side of the studio and that his music is too loud although West believes that Daniel needs to loosen up. The two bicker about one of them rehearsing in Studio B until Daniel realizes that they are at an impasse. Meanwhile, the other dancers are driving towards Elite and, upon their arrival to the facility, enter the studio through the service entrance as suggested by James.

Upon West's suggestion, West and Daniel decide to choreograph a routine for each other in their own style. Daniel believes that the idea is crazy, but nonetheless assures West that he is going to teach him a lesson.

Daniel west season 1 ggb

Daniel teaches West ballet.

The other dancers enter Elite and watch the Elite dancers perform, astounded by their great dancing. Emily goes as far as proclaiming that they are like "dancing robots." After watching them for some time, James decides that it is time for them to leave and the group complies.

Daniel begins to teach West some ballet back at Studio A to which West struggles (in fact, Daniel remaks that he has biscuit feet). Nonetheless, Daniel confesses that it is fun teaching West ballet.

After the group exits Elite, Emily decides that somebody should go back inside and videotape the routine. Michelle volunteers to be on good terms with Emily. Despite James's protest, Emily allows her to do so and she reenters the studio.

West shows Daniel a handshake for their warm-up and then teaches Daniel hip-hop, which Daniel struggles with abandoning his technique. West tells Daniel that in hip-hop, they speak English not French. As they continue to dance, West notices that Daniel is looking at the mirror while he dances, but West tells him that he has to feel the music.

Michelle season 1 gggb

Michelle's phone begins to ring as she tapes Elite.

While Michelle is recording Elite's routine on her phone, the group outside starts wondering what is taking her so long, and Emily decides to text Michelle. Subsequently, Michelle's phone begins ringing while she is videotaping Elite, drawing the attention of the dancers. Since Michelle still hasn't returned, Stephanie goes inside to find out what is going on.

West and Daniel combine both of their types of dance to create a ballet/hip fusion, and the two confess that they learned something new.

The head of Elite beckons Michelle over from behind the piano. As this happens, Stephanie enters the studio and sees that Michelle has been caught. She races outside to tell the group of the news. Emily, not wanting to get caught as well, forces everyone into her car. The group leaves, abandoning Michelle. Meanwhile, Michelle confesses that she is incredibly overwhelmed and wants to cry.


  • James has dated a girl from Elite before.
  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Cobra Starship.


  • Emily states she wants to become a Broadway dancer but in “A-Troupe Escape” she states she has always dreamed of being a Studio owner





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