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"No! Clearing my throat sounds like [unintellegible noises]."

This article contains lyrics that when heard in the official song are unclear, and therefore may be incorrect.

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"Goodbye to the Sun" is a song that is first heard in Season 2. It is most notably used during Stockholm Dansteater's tie-breaking duet at Internationals.[1]


The feeling of a heart
The poetry of a name
It's a warm, dark art
Mystery of her pain

Don the little white lies
Check the colour [Unidentifiable word(s)]
The kindness of her eyes
With nowhere to go

Still so shattered
Locks into your brave silhouette
Same things might not
[Unidentifiable word(s)]

Tears [Unidentifiable word(s)]
As you crashed upon a shore
The idea of beauty
And the hunger for more

So goodbye to the sun
And goodbye again to the sun
The sunset's so warm
[Unidentifiable word(s)]

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