I'm sorry, am I holding you to a standard you find unacceptable?

Miss Angela to Heather

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"Grave New World" is the 1st episode of Season 6 of The Next Step and the 155th episode overall. It aired on September 29, 2018. It is the Season 6 premiere.


As the new strict studio head of the Next Step is revealed, so is the fate of Michelle and Emily.[1]


A-Troupe Work

A-Troupe dances.

In Studio A, Amy, Heather, Jacquie, Ozzy, Kingston, Piper, Henry and Noah dance. The dancers are excited that they have returned and will finally be able to compete at Regionals, though they're worried about Lola, Josh and Zara having left A-Troupe and about Michelle and Emily having gotten fired. Just as they finish their dance, a woman calls it a "sloppy mirage of movements." Noah immediately guesses that she is the new studio head and confesses that, if he is correct, then the whole troupe is in trouble.

The woman introduces herself as Miss Angela and informs them that she will be the new studio head of The Next Step. She then proceeds to introduce them to four new dancers whom she has brought from other studios, to help round out the team: Summer, who is the winner of the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship; Finn; Kenzie; and Lily. All the dancers, upon Lily's order, get in line only for Miss Angela to criticize the appearances of all the previous season's A-Troupers. When Miss Angela asks them why they don't wear their uniforms, Piper answers that she thought they were only for competitions but, in fact, they are to be worn in the studio, in contrast to what was enforced when Michelle and Emily were studio heads.


Michelle and Emily work at Shakes & Ladders.

Michelle and Emily are working at Shakes & Ladders, the cafe that has replaced Neutral Grounds. After getting fired by Kate, they started working there as co-managers. As Michelle is still bitter about Richelle's injury and Emily's negligence as studio head, Emily constantly apologizes to her co-manager. Michelle comments that, thanks to Emily, her high hopes for TNS have been squashed.

Angela tells the dancers that she knows their weaknesses and wants to see their best dancing to assess their strengths. Kingston shows her some acro flips, while Summer and Piper bond after the latter compliments the former's dancing. Despite Noah putting his best foot forward, , Miss Angela deems his combo boring and reminds the dancers that they must put on a show. To this, Henry performs a series of flips, but is prodded to look at Kenzie's allegedly superior moves. Piper dances next, and her performance is seen as lacking flash. Wanting more star power, Angela asks Lily to dance, which Angela positively comments on, despite the dancers believing it to be cheesy. The studio head tells the A-Troupers that they're only as good as their weakest link, and that currently, their weakest link is Piper; because Piper failed to perform acro, she makes the rest of the troupe plank while Piper works on her aerial.

After having seen the way Angela treats her dancers, Heather decides to leave The Next Step for college. Piper expresses her disbelief at Heather's departure, especially since she originally brought Heather to the troupe, and embraces Heather before she leaves. 

Amy, Henry, Jacquie and Noah discuss Miss Angela's harshness as they warm up in Studio 1, during which Kenzie enters unnoticed. Once she is noticed, instead of threatening to snitch on them, Kenzie resounds their dislike for her. Finn and Summer enter the studio, with Kenzie not knowing if they can be trusted, as they all came from different studios. However, Summer and Finn also resound the other dancers' feelings about Miss Angela. Amy asks if Lily is on the same page, but Kenzie answers negatively, as Lily is Miss Angela's daughter. The dancers decide to inform Piper of this.

At the same time, Piper is in Shakes & Ladders, downtrodden. Michelle notices this and, after hearing about Piper's predicament, advises Piper to defend herself against Miss Angela.

A-Troupe rehearses their group routine and, as they dance, Miss Angela corrects Piper on her extensions and tells Lily to show Piper how to properly extend. When the nitpicking continues, Piper stands up to Miss Angela, even discrediting Lily's dancing which worries the other dancers who have failed to tell Piper of Miss Angela's relationship to Lily. However, Miss Angela informs Piper of this relationship herself, worrying Piper. Piper is forced to to sit out and watch the rest of the dancers perform the routine, which has never happened to her before. 

The next day before rehearsal, Summer dances to clear her head, feeling guilty that she failed to warn Piper and did not stand up for her. Amy and Jacquie enter the studio, discussing Miss Angela's criticism of them; Amy asserts that she is fine dancing with her hair down, while Jacquie asserts that she doesn't dance tensely which Amy disagrees with. Kingston tells Ozzy that he is optimistic about Miss Angela. A-Troupe applauds Summer when she finishes her solo. Miss Angela enters the studio and tells the dancers to get into their positions, causing her to notice Piper's absence. 




Cultural references

  • The title of the episode refers to a Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World and is the second episode title to do so.




Featured music

Featured dances


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