West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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I suppose you call that sloppy mirage of movement a "dance".

Miss Angela to A-Troupe

If this is the new studio head... then we're in trouble.

Noah about Miss Angela

Since I've been brought on to fix this team, I've been observing who you are. Observing your weaknesses. Got a good handle on that which is why I brought in these dancers to help round out the team.

Miss Angela

Miss Angela: Stand up straight!
Heather: Ugh!
Miss Angela: I'm sorry, am I holding you to a standard you find unacceptable?
Heather: No, sorry.

No studio head has ever been this blunt!


I had high hopes for TNS this year, but, thanks to Emily, they've been squashed.


I don't mean to brag, but people are drawn to me.


Miss Angela: Piper, I didn't see any acro, not one aerial. What's going on?
Piper: I'm still working on my acro.

Michelle: Are you okay? You seem really upset.
Piper: The new studio head, Miss Angela, has been on my case about everything. She's been picking on me for my aerial and she says I always look stunned. I don't know what to do.
Michelle: Listen, Piper, you need to stand up for yourself. You are one of the best dancers on A-Troupe and you've been at The Next Step for a while now. Don't let Miss Angela get you down. You need to go in there and stand your ground!
Piper: Okay, thank you.
Michelle: Yeah, good luck.
Emily: That was good advice.
Michelle: Thanks! It's easy!

I obviously have never met Miss Angela, but she sounds like a scary woman. I'm worried about the studio.


I've had enough of Miss Angela!


Piper: I'm sorry, Lily is an OK dancer, but we're all good dancers. I just don't understand why you think she's the best dancer, because she's not.
Miss Angela: What did you just say about my daughter?

Why don't you sit off to the side and watch what real dancers do?

Miss Angela to Piper

I've never been benched before. This is my lowest point at The Next Step.


If I'm gonna stay at this studio, things have to change.


Miss Angela already drove out one dancer. I can't let her do that again.