Green Room A is a room inside the venue for Nationals.


Green Room A first appears in the episode, "Re-Match", when Emily, West and Giselle as well as Tess, Amanda and another Elite member search for a costume that is hinted in a riddle.

Its final appearance is in "Rewind" during the time where A-Troupe try to get Amanda to be able to dance with them instead of a severely-injured Emily.

Green Room A is not referred to by name in the on-screen dialogue, but is identified by a poster near the door to a dressing room.[1]


Hence the name, Green Room A is presumably the primary room where dancers wait before a performance.

Green Room A has white walls and has blue chairs and posters around the room. In one corner is a rack of costumes, and, in another corner, there is a door that leads to Dressing Room 4.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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