"Hanging Hats" is a song that is first heard in Season 2 of The Next Step and is featured on the soundtrack called Songs from The Next Step: Season 2.


If I hold my hand on my heart
Will you come back to the window
If I lay down here on the green, green grass
Will you stay away, my single

If you speak, I will stare
As your breath hangs still in the midnight air
And I'll try to hang my hat before it disappears

We swing in slow motion (x2)

If I lock us here in the valley
Will you dance on the stage for me alone?
With the curtain drawn, the lights are on, the humour
Will you lay, if you do, we come so wreckless

When you speak, there's a glare
Of your breath reflecting in the ballroom air
And I'll try to hang my hat before it disappears

You're moving so slow motion
Moving slow motion

I'll move static
Don't move 'till I say
"Drag this song forever, for as long as you can"

If I show my hand like I'm waving
Will you smile around your eyes?
You know I'll be kickin' stones 'til the morning
'Til your patience turns off your reply

Kicking slow motion, motion
Kicking slow motion (x2)
And you're slow motion

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