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Clock is ticking, Emily.


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"Heartbreaker" is the 20th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 50th episode overall. It aired on September 26, 2014.


Eldon challenges Hunter to win back the Nationals solo.



Beth covers James eyes.

Beth approaches James, annoying him because she can't realize that he doesn't want to be with her any more. He finally asks Hunter—who's with Emily—to help him break up with Beth. Hunter agrees to talk to Beth for James if they can become bros, to which James accepts.

Practice ends for the day. Hunter tries to hug Emily, but she pushes him away, confusing him because he is unaware that Emily has to break up with him to prove her "loyalty" to Amanda. Then, Eldon announces that he's challenging Hunter for the male Nationals solo again and Hunter accepts the challenge.

James, Eldon, and West are in the park, struggling to find a four-leaf clover, which is #4 on Riley's list. West finds a five-leaf clover and throws it away, which makes James upset as he could have just torn a leaf off. Eldon jokes around with James by putting grass in James's pocket while eating and James throws Eldon's sandwich in retaliation. Later, Thalia and Michelle are walking together from school and Thalia tries to convince her to come back to The Next Step because Michelle is bored with her spare time; she still declines.

Amanda approaches Emily and tells her time is running out to break up with Hunter.

James Chloe season 2 episode 20

Immediately after being offered a chance to get $100, Chloe sprints out of the Music Room.

James and West enter Chloe's Baby Ballet class in the Music Room and request that the kids find a four-leafed clover for $100. Chloe jumps at the offer and runs out of the room in search of one, although the kids do not comply. Margie, having pointed out that $100 doesn't mean anything to her and the other kids, makes them change the offer to 100 cupcakes. When the boys comply, the kids finally go search.

West enters Studio A to help Eldon prepare for his match with Hunter. He tells him to do a hip-hop move after his technical moves and it proves to look good.

Michelle is looking at the noticeboard at school for a club she can join when Thalia approaches her. Shejokingly suggests the Cheese Club, but Michelle says no since she's lactose-intolerant.

Hunter is trying to convince Beth to break up with James by telling her about Riley's list for James to prove that he's loyal to her. Simultaneously, James is showing Riley all of the fake four-leaf clovers he has concocted—including two two-leafed clovers taped together, and a picture of a four-leafed clover with her name on it drawn on his arm by Eldon. Riley rejects them all because she wants a real one.

Amanda emily season 2 3

Amanda forces Emily to break up Hunter after the dance battle.

Emily continues to avoid Hunter since she knows that she has to break up with him. Amanda keeps rushing Emily to break up with Hunter, but Emily doesn't want to and asks Amanda if she can do anything else. She says no and forces Emily to do it after the dance battle.

While Eldon and Hunter are warming up for their dance battle, Giselle inquires about the marks on Chloe's hands. Chloe reveals that they're paper cuts from counting money in Kate's office. Amanda finds it interesting that Chloe is trusted with so much money and the key to the lockbox. The battle commences. During the battle Hunter tries to do a kip-up and stumbles and eventually, Eldon wins. The two are now friends.

Beth enters Studio A and presents James with a four-leaf clover, knowing that it is for Riley. She confesses that she loves him, but knows that he loves Riley more. She also confesses that she'll finally let him go because Riley makes him happy.

In Culture Shock, James gives the four-leaf clover to Riley, just as Chloe comes in with the one she found. Seeing that James already has one, she makes a swift exit, leaving Riley puzzled. Meanwhile, Emily finally breaks up with Hunter, deeply upsetting both her and him.


  • James and Hunter are no longer enemies.
  • Michelle is lactose-intolerant.
  • Eldon is a proficient artist.
  • Eldon and Hunter are no longer enemies.
  • This is the first and only time that Beth speaks in Talking Heads.
  • Eldon is once again the male soloist for Nationals.
  • James and Beth are no longer in a relationship.
  • James has completed both task #4, which is to find a four-leaf clover, and task #2 on Riley's List.
  • Emily and Hunter are no longer in a relationship.


  • White walls footage of James and Riley from Season 1 plays after the scene where James offers Riley multiple ersatz variants of a four-leaf clover.
  • The fact that Amanda knows that Chloe is trusted with the studio's money and the lockbox key comes into play in "Under Pressure."

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