Love is never wrong, it's only ever right. But sometimes it's not right to act on it. When a girl has a boyfriend, that's one of those times.


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"Heat of the Moment" is the 20th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 114th episode overall. It aired on June 24, 2016. It is the mid-Season 4 finale.


When Noah receives a devastating diagnosis, auditions for the qualifier duet become more important than ever.


Noah amanda season 4 hoftm 3

Amanda looks at Noah in shock.

Noah is on the phone with the doctor from the hospital and confesses that his back is in worse shape than he thought. Once he concludes the call, Amanda asks him what the doctor said and Noah tells her that he needs to have surgery right away. Amanda confesses that this is their worst nightmare come true. Noah tells her that if he doesn't get the surgery he might be unable to dance ever again and that even if he does get it, the possibility still remains. Amanda feels incredibly bad for him and holds Noah's hand in an attempt to comfort him. Noah confesses that he cannot believe what is happening, as everything in his life was going so well.

Noah enters Riley's office and notifies her that there is a cyst in his spinal cord that needs to be drained immediately. Riley asks him how it started and Noah tells her that it could have been some injury or he could have just been born with the cyst and grown along with it. Riley tells Noah not to worry about the studio and that all he needs to think about is getting better. Noah thanks her and the two hug. Noah turns to leave, but just before he exits, he assures Riley that he is a good dancer. Riley confesses that she doesn't know if they can do the qualifier without him.

Henry alfie season 4 hotm

Henry tells Alfie that nothing good can come out of him liking a girl who has a boyfriend.

Henry enters the Lounge to find Alfie playing his guitar sadly. Sensing that something is bothering Alfie, Henry asks him what is wrong and Alfie makes him promise not to tell anyone. Alfie tells him that he likes a girl who has a boyfriend. Henry tells him that nothing good could come out of the situation; Henry tells him that the heart is a complicated muscle and while it's okay to have the feelings that he is having, it's wrong to act on them. Alfie continues to play the guitar and Henry raps along with the music. Alfie confesses that he knows it's wrong to act on his feelings for Riley, but that he cannot deny them. Later, Riley calls A-Troupe together into Studio A, notifies them of Noah's situation, and tells them that qualifier auditions are all the more important as a result. Riley apologizes to Alfie for having to re-audition, but Alfie assures her that it is okay. Once the team disperses, Michelle notices that Piper appears to be very confident and confesses that she wants to see if Piper remembers her lesson.

Noah amanda season 4 hotm 2

Amanda comforts Noah.

Noah sits with Amanda in Java Junction. Amanda asks Noah how Riley took the information and Noah tells her that she took it well, but that he still feels as though he let the team down. Amanda assures him that he's strong and is going to get through what is happening, then takes his hand. Noah asks Amanda if she is auditioning for the duet and Amanda assures him that she isn't and will be with him at the hospital. Noah tells her that he doesn't want her to stop dancing because of him, but Amanda assures him that she isn't. Noah confesses that he is trying to be strong for Amanda, but that he is so scared.

Alfie and Piper are rehearsing their duet in Studio A when Michelle enters to make sure that Piper is ready for the qualifier. Michelle pulls Alfie aside and asks Alfie to do a duet with herself instead of Piper; before she can finish her preposition, Piper refuses since Alfie is doing a duet with her. Michelle tells Piper that she is a senior dancer who has been to Nationals twice and Internationals once, thus making her more deserving of Alfie as a partner. Michelle asks Alfie who he'd rather dance with, although Piper tells him not to answer. Piper tells Michelle that her tactic isn't going to work this time and that she and Alfie already started their duet, so Michelle can't waltz in and take it away from her. Michelle exchanges a look with an impressed Alfie and smiles at Piper with Piper staring back at her poker-faced. Michelle confesses that Piper definitely got the message.

Amy henry sloane season 4 hotm

Henry tells Amy and Sloane that he is speaking on behalf of a mystery third party.

Amy enters the Lounge after having found a message in her cubbie that told her to go there. Soon after, Sloane enters, having gotten the same message. Lastly, Henry enters and tells the two that he is speaking on behalf of a mystery third party. Sloane and Amy believe the third party to be LaTroy, although Henry refuses to reveal anything. Henry tells Sloane and Amy that his employer wants them to audition for the qualifier duet together. Eventually, the two agree.

Riley enters Java Junction and sits with Alfie. Riley thanks Alfie for being so supportive and Alfie assures her that as long as he has her respect, he has lost nothing. An awkward conversation between the two ensues, but Alfie eventually leaves to return to rehearsal. Riley confesses that she is always thinking about Alfie and needs to reconnect with James. She calls him, but the call goes to voicemail.

Noah and Amanda are holding hands in Studio A. At once, Riley and all of the members of A-Troupe arrive to hug him and wish him luck with his surgery. Noah receives a text from his mom that she has arrived and Noah asks Amanda to come with him to hospital which Amanda agrees to. Noah and Amanda leave the studio hand-in-hand. Riley confesses that no matter what happens, Noah will always be a part of their team.

Riley season 4 hotm 5

Riley tells Alfie and Piper that they will do the duet at the qualifier.

Qualifier auditions have commenced, with Richelle and Skylar auditioning together first. Riley admits that the two are really setting the tone for the audition. Next, Amy and Sloane audition with a duet that Riley dubs as insane. Finally, Piper and Alfie audition. Riley confesses that she can't take her eyes off of them and that a part of her wishes that she was dancing with Alfie. When they finish, Riley commends them and immediately grants them the spot at the qualifier, thrilling Piper. Riley tells the other dancers that they can go home. Suddenly, Alfie confesses that Riley is wrong to think that she and him can't be together.

Noah and Amanda are reading magazines in the waiting room at the hospital when Noah suddenly asks Amanda is he can kiss her, to which Amanda agrees. The two lean into one another in preparation for the kiss and when their faces are just inches apart, Noah begins making an odd noise. Amanda asks him what he is doing and Noah tells her that he is trying to kiss her. Amanda reminds him that kissing involves lip touching and urges him to just kiss her. Noah tells her that he keeps thinking about his surgery and believes that their first kiss requires his full attention. Noah asks her is they can wait until after his surgery to kiss and Amanda finally complies. Amanda confesses that Noah is lucky that he's injured... and cute.

Piper season 4 hotm

Piper watches Alfie and Riley kiss.

Riley enters Studio A, having been beckoned by Alfie, and sits in a chair that is waiting for her. Alfie pulls out his guitar and begins playing and singing a song for her. Simultaneously, James sadly walks down a street in London and stops to look out over a bridge. As he leaves, a stranger stops him and asks him if he is okay. James admits to her that he is missing a girl back home and the stranger tells him that she thinks everything is going to be okay. Alfie continues to play and sing his song for Riley. Riley confesses that every fibre of her being is telling her to leave, except for her heart. When the song ends, Alfie and Riley kiss. Just then, Piper walks in, and watches the scenario in disbelief. She confesses that she doesn't understand how Riley could do such a thing to James.





  • Noah has a cyst in his spinal cord and has to get back surgery in order to drain it.
  • Piper and Alfie will be doing the duet at the qualifier.
  • There is a deleted scene from this episode that is Michelle and Henry's qualifier duet audition.[1]


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Drake.

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